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SOLD: Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2.0

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  1. caecillius
    Selling my Liquid Carbon v2 which has the upgraded power supply for better single-ended performance over the v1.

    I have too many amps so the one that gets the least time has to go and unfortunately that is this one.

    Price includes Paypal fees and shipping in the CONUS. This is for the amp only, and doesn't include the AudioQuest power cord that came with some LC's as an early promo. It recently came back from Cavalli after a simple channel imbalance cropped up but works beautifully now. I can include a standard power cable if requested by buyer but most people are particular about their cables. Ships with original box. Not really interested in trades but if you have a Jotunheim plus cash I'll entertain the idea. Thanks for looking. UPDATE: Price drop to $650.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
  2. caecillius
    Price drop to $650.
  3. caecillius
    Photo Aug 31, 7 28 31 PM.jpg Photo Aug 31, 7 28 43 PM.jpg
  4. caecillius
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