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SOLD: Cardas Cable for Sennheiser HD580, HD600, or HD650

  1. robinje
    Since buying a pair of HD800's, my HD650's just aren't seeing much action. So, I've decided to sell my Cardas cable. This one is the standard 10-foot version terminated a beefy Cardas 1/4" plug. This is the current grey version and is in perfect (like new) condition.

    SOLDshipped and Paypal'd in the U.S. PM to arrange for purchase. Thanks!
  2. dukesters
  3. sampson_smith
  4. robinje
    The cable was tentatively sold, but the buyer backed out. It's still available. Here's a pic...

  5. dukesters
    Cable looks great and payment sent. Thanks Jim[​IMG]
  6. robinje
  7. flaming_june
    May I ask what's the difference between this one and the blue cabled version I often see as well?

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