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*SOLD* Campfire Solaris: removed memory wire, extra carry case, symbio tips, and more.

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by bluebair, Mar 15, 2019.
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  1. bluebair
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    If youre here, you probably know what these are. These IEM's are my favorite audio product I have ever owned or listened to. This was purchased 12/7/2018, so it is still under warranty SN 203. Price is including shipping & paypal fees to the US.

    I threw in an extra campfire audio comet case, for easier travel. Two small and 1 medium set of Symbio W Peel tips, these tips are amazing with the Solaris. I included a set of small, medium and large Comply tips, and double what is normally included of the the stock silicone & foam tips. The only thing missing from the original package is the size SS of the final type E tips. There are the two scratches on the left side, I tried to capture them the best I could in the photos. Other than that these look and work perfectly in every other aspect.

    0315191237b.jpg 0315191238b.jpg 0315191233b.jpg 0315191233.jpg 0315191508.jpg 0315191508_HDR.jpg 0315191509_HDR.jpg 0315191236b.jpg 0315191233d.jpg 0315191509.jpg 0315191237.jpg 0315191510.jpg

    If youre wondering why I am putting my beloved Solaris for sale, it is simply because I am not listening to music too often anymore, and I am happy with my comets for the little music I still listen to.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  2. bluebair
    I forgot to mention that the memory wire is removed :)
  3. bluebair
  4. upsguys88
    Sell black case separate?
  5. bluebair
    I am selling this all together, sorry. The case is sold seprately from campfire's website under accessories, hope that helps! :)
  6. bluebair
    Final Price Drop!
  7. McPerk
    Why must you tempt me so?
    bluebair likes this.
  8. bluebair
  9. czar352
    Damn, these are pretty af, GLWS!
    bluebair likes this.
  10. szore
    bluebair likes this.
  11. bluebair
    Still available
  12. McPerk
    How are these still available? The temptation keeps growing, damnit someone buy these so they make the decision for me. :)
    bluebair likes this.
  13. czar352
    Slightly unrelated to the sale itself, but how do you like the symbio tips?
  14. bluebair
    szore likes this.
  15. McPerk
    Congrats and my wallet says thanks!
    bluebair likes this.

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