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SOLD - Campfire Audio Lyra II dynamic driver IEM

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  1. thefitz
    Up for grabs is a very famous dynamic driver IEM - the Campfire Audio Lyra II. It comes with the box, all accessories, and the receipt. I just prefer their balanced armature offerings (of which I have two). I'm looking to get out of it what I paid - the price includes shipping in North America, and the PayPal fee.
  2. harpo1
    How old are they? Do you have any pictues?
  3. thefitz
    IMG_20170830_194902.jpg Receipt says March 23rd 2017.
    IMG_20170830_194839.jpg IMG_20170830_194809.jpg IMG_20170830_194857.jpg IMG_20170830_194731.jpg
  4. thefitz
Thread Status:
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