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[SOLD!] Campfire Andromeda S, B Stock - Unbreak My Heart

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  1. Victorfabius
    For Sale
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    I got the Andromeda, just like I wanted.

    It's stainless steel, which I find beautiful, even though it won't last.

    It has just the signature I hoped it would have and it fits my taste well.

    My ears are shaped just the wrong way and it hurts to have these in my ears. Worse than the Zeus that was someone else's customs.

    My heart is broken.

    It's 3 days old, purchased direct from ALO Warehouse Deals and is B-Stock. I'll try to get pictures on the weekend. It's tricky as I have a metric ton of work piling up from school. I'll still do my best for you.

    Will be missing the one set of tips that I used, but will have all the other accessories that come with it, including what I'm assuming is the Litz cable, a whole bunch of tips, cleaning tool and the CA pin.

    Reasonable offers will be accepted.

    Shipping free to continental US, but PM me for AK/HI and international rates.
  2. eTHE2
    Very interested, if you can provide some pics.

  3. eTHE2
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