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SOLD - Cambridge Audio iD100 digital transport for iPod/iPad/iPhone/Nano NIB

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  1. WyldeBlue
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    I had planned on using this dock as a digital transport for my iPod classic feeding a high-quality head amp of some kind; but after we moved back to the states from Germany, this sat on a shelf unused until ultimately I picked up an Oppo HA-1 (already MFi) and moved on from my iPod to one of several DAPs I've been auditioning. Now I'm just trying to clear some shelf space. Other than pulling the video cable out of the bag for these photos, all the components of this setup are unused and in new condition. Unit provides digital bitstream-out via coax, optical, or XLR, bypassing any internal DAC to let your own DAC/AMP do the heavy lifting. Also provides video-out capability, IR-input for HT-integration, and USB for PC/Mac sync.The included remote is surprisingly heavy for its size (remote operation was part of the reason I bought this in the first place) and there are both 110V and 220V adapters for the power supply. Will accommodate newer models w/lightning port via lightning-to-30 pin adapter.

    PayPal and US shipping included; I'll be glad to work out international shipping arrangements for any Head-Fi'er across one border or another. Please shoot me a note if you have any questions!







    From the product page...

    Overview: The Cambridge Audio iD100 digital audiophile dock for iPod enables you to play your iPod, iPhone, or iPad's stored music and video files through your home stereo system (via digital connection) and connected television (via composite/component), while also charging the Apple device's battery. The Cambridge Audio iD100 bypasses your iPod, iPhone, or iPad's DAC and feeds a pure digital signal to your home AV receiver for a realistic, dynamic sound.

    iPod Dock Connector: The Cambridge Audio iD100 digital audiophile dock for iPod features an integrated Apple dock connector which allows you to connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. The iD100 supports audio playback, video output, remote control, and charging of your docked Apple device.

    Note: The iD100 includes 4 rubber dock adapters to accommodate your iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. Airplane mode is recommended for iPhone.

    Digital Add-on Dock: The Cambridge Audio iD100 digital audiophile dock for iPod is a universal add-on iPod dock which can connect to any home stereo system that features a digital (optical/coaxial/XLR) input. The iD100 will also connect to your television via composite or component video. The iD100 can also be fed to Cambridge Audio's external digital-to-analog converter (DacMagic Plus, sold separately) for even higher fidelity sound.

    iPod DAC Bypass: Traditionally, iPod docks feature an analog audio output, usually via a RCA connection. The final sound quality of any iPod dock with analog connections, is ultimately limited to the internal DACs in the iPod, iPhone, or iPad. As these internal DACs are designed for portable use, they are not designed provide a high quality source in a Hi-Fi/AV system. The Cambridge Audio iD100 overcomes this sound quality barrier by totally bypassing the iPod, iPhone, or iPad's internal DACs, re-clocking the audio data, and providing a low jitter, high quality pure digital audio signal from the iPod, iPhone or iPad; which you can then send to your own dedicated Hi-Fi DAC or AV receiver which will have been optimized for analog conversion. This process squeezes the best possible sound quality out of your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

    Master Clock Circuit: The Cambridge Audio iD100's master clock circuit minimizes audio jitter and guarantees the highest quality digital music from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

    Digital Audio Output: The Cambridge Audio iD100 digital audiophile dock allows the digital output of any audio files your iPod, iPhone, or iPad supports; including lossless files for high-end sound quality. The Cambridge Audio iD100 will digitally output music files, podcasts, audiobooks, and apps stored on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. The iD100 accesses the audio on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad digitally; providing a bit-perfect, low-jitter digital output via a coaxial, optical, or AES/EBU (XLR) digital connection.

    • S/PDIF Digital Outputs: The Cambridge Audio iD100 is fitted with both S/PDIF coaxial and toslink digital outputs to connect the iPod dock to your AV receiver.
    • AES/EBU XLR Outputs: The ID100's AES/EBU (XLR) balanced digital audio output allows connection to high-end home audio gear or professional audio equipment.
    Video Output: In addition to playing audio, the Cambridge Audio iD100 can output video from supported iPods, iPhones, or iPads. Video playback is possible via the iD100's composite or component video output. When a video-enabled iPod, iPhone, or iPad is docked and playing; video is routed to the dock's composite/component video output and output to your connected television.

    Note: The dock's video output does not provide an on-screen display.

    PC Sync Interface: The Cambridge Audio iD100's USB (type-B) connection allows convenient and simple syncing of your docked iPod, iPhone, or iPad to iTunes. This is not an audio input.

    Remote Control: The Cambridge Audio iD100 digital audiophile dock for iPod includes an IR remote control for wireless operation of your connected iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Using the IR remote control, you can navigate your Apple device's menu and select audio/video files by Playlist or Category. You can also select playback functions, such as Play/Pause, Fast-Forward/Rewind, Skip (previous/next), and Shuffle/Repeat. You can also continue to use the clickwheel or touchscreen to control playback.

    Note: The iD100's remote does not fully support the Apple iPad and does not allow you to browse audio/video files. The included remote will only support basic playback functions (Play/Pause, Fast-Forward/Rewind, Previous/Next) of the iPad.

    IR Input: An IR input (3.5mm) is provided that allows IR remote control commands to be received by the iD100 from custom install systems.

    Battery Charging: The Cambridge Audio iD100 charges your iPod, iPhone, or iPad while connected. You can disable battery charging to improve overall sound quality. If your iPod, iPhone, or iPad has no initial battery charge, then the unit will not recognize it and the on-screen display will read "Please remove iPod".
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  2. WyldeBlue
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