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SOLD: Cambridge Audio DVD300, Thank You!

  1. calaf Contributor
    I am selling my DVD300 for $$$ shipped to the 48 USA. Paypal included. Local pickup (SF Bay Area) $20 less.

    I am the second owner of this DVD300 which I would rate 8/10.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It has served me faithfully for two years as a transport driving first a CI VDA1 and now the Meier Opera DAC. The DVD300 analog outs were not put to shame by either DAC, and if you like the trademark Cambridge Audio clean detailed sound signature you could very well live without an external DAC for a long while.

    I should also mention that the DVD300 is an excellent region-free PAL/NTSC DVD player. According to Videohelp the player can also be made macrovision free but I haven't tried that.

    Finally I have upgraded the DVD300 firmware (excellent customer service from Cambridge Audio USA) and that fixed the annoying gap between tracks that you may see mentioned in some review.

    Link to higher res pics
    Audioreview user reviews
    User Manual
    My feedback thread
  2. furthersky

    I recently bought a used DVD300. Any chance you have the firmware file and instructions on how to upgrade?


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