*SOLD*Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD (DAC/CD/SACD/BR)

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    Up for sale is my Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD. I am the original owner and it has been used sparingly.

    The player works and sounds flawless. This a former TOTL player that can be used as a DAC. It can also play DVDs,BluRays,CDs,SACDs.

    There is one small paint chip on top that I can see (last photo). Also the remote doesnt always work on first press of the button.The included remote works,its just a bit non responsive at times. I dont know why as its been that way since I bought it. I have a new remote for it that Ive yet to try, which may solve the issue, will be included,along with original box,packaging,wifi dongle and owners manual .

    I have set the price quite low because of these issues. Pix upon request.

    450.00 +shipping and Paypal

    35484231_218402672290543_3223779809310015488_o.jpg 35433392_218402822290528_8587746632580202496_o.jpg 35415846_217853332345477_5142832756929069056_o.jpg 35464632_218403062290504_3848499698914557952_o.jpg
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