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SOLD: Brimar 5Y3 Recitifer Tubes Matched Pair Test Strong In Boxes, Price is for both!

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  1. audiowalker
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    Up for sale are a pair of Brimar 5Y3 rectifier tubes. Purchases these recently and decided to pass them along since I have too many tubes. These were for my WA22. I have tested both and confirm them. Paypal is included in the price which is for both tubes, shipping will be $10.00 priority mail. Thanks for your interest and time. Cheers.

    E59CC7E4-F5DA-4E74-B6CB-38BAE655FD38.jpeg 47CCD4F6-437D-43FB-9D81-082BFF7EA8AC.jpeg 912F2EB4-359D-4471-8175-398B623EDC3D.jpeg
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  2. audiowalker
    Up, and back down....
  3. audiowalker
    Up and back down, Cheers.
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    Up, up, away...Cheers.
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    To the top, my dear friends....
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    Up, up, and way....Cheers.
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