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SOLD! Bottlehead Mainline Tube Amp - Extremely Upgraded!

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by A2029, Jul 16, 2017.
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  1. A2029
    For Sale
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    Hi everyone, this ad is for a pre-built Bottlehead Mainline. This is an end game, TOTL amp. This is the 120V Mainline for use in North America (Canada & US). It is highly modified to maximize performance. Costs of parts (in USD) and sound changes as follows:

    Core components in this build:
    > Bottlehead Mainline - $1200 US - Price of stock kit

    > Mundorf Supreme coupling caps (10uF each) - $120 US
    -- Upgraded to give a nice clear sound, neutral, open sounding - gives big soundstage depth! Very fast and dynamic capacitor.

    > TX2575 Naked Z-foil Resistors on the input path, 6C45 tube anode, and key regulation sites - $200 US
    -- These are the best resistors that can be purchased. I had Texas Components custom make these at the precise values I was looking for. These resistors don't add or take anything away from the input signal. Give the most clear, precise, and un-colored sound possible. These are the lowest distortion resistors available today. Precision matched to 0.01% of their rated values. Incredibly low thermal drift.

    > High frequency cylindrical ferrite beads placed throughout (especially on all power carrying paths) - $60 US
    -- These give power filtering that further increased the blackness of the background. Increase in overall transparency of the sound.

    Also has the following upgrade:
    -Mills Wirewound resistor replacing metal oxide resistor in high voltage path. Extremely low noise resistor to further reduce power supply noise.

    Total price: $1340 US, buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees

    Note: Has a small cosmetic flaw of a very small bend in the aluminum near the right side heat vent. Does not affect functionality whatsoever but price has been lowered for cosmetics accordingly.

    IMG_20170814_221957.jpg IMG_20170814_221933.jpg IMG_20170814_221905.jpg IMG_20170814_221758.jpg IMG_20170814_221750.jpg IMG_20170814_221739.jpg IMG_20170814_221706.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
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  2. A2029
  3. A2029
  4. A2029
  5. A2029
  6. goldsgym
    Did you ever end up selling your Mainline amp? That thing is gorgeous!
  7. A2029
    Thanks!! Not sold, still for sale! :)
  8. goldsgym
    Have you compared it to any other high end tube amps, such as the Woo Audio WA22? I just sold my Crack + Speedball and am thinking about diving back into the world of tube amps. I recently picked up a Jotunheim for my HD 800 S's, but it tends to be a little on the bright side.
  9. goldsgym
    I've also been looking at the Sennheiser HDV 820, but I am reluctant to spend $2400. However, it does come with the DAC though. It's tempting, but I love the tube sound so much.
  10. A2029
    I've compared it against Schiit Ragnarok, Bottlehead Crack-a-twoa, Bottlehead SEX, Woo WA2, Woo WA6, Woo WA7 and it was better than all of them. Just as fast and refined as the Schiit Ragnarok, but smoother and more liquid. The Mainline is not tubey and fat sounding like the Crack, but not bright either. Just neutral and smooth.
  11. goldsgym
    That is exactly what I'm looking for. What DAC do you use with it? And why are you selling if you don't mind me asking? Sounds like you've found the perfect amp!
  12. A2029
    I use the Schiit Gumby. Selling as I've moved on to speaker setups and don't listen to headphones very often anymore. Thought I'd recoup some money to put into speakers. I actually still have a highly modded Bottlehead crack to use for the rare times that I listen to headphones now.
  13. goldsgym
    Nice choice on the DAC. After doing a lot of research, I have decided to go with the Gumby and Mjolnir 2 combo. This is partially because of the aesthetics and space requirements of the stack. I have a desktop setup and I just do not have the room for both the Gumby and a Mainline. I would love to test out a Mainline sometime though to compare.
  14. A2029
  15. duchuy8948
    still available????
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