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SOLD! Black Pico DAC/Amp in mint condition (Europe)

  1. DarKu
    Up for sale is my beloved black Pico DAC and AMP.
    It was been used only at my job, but since for the last 3 months I am jobless and who knows when I will work again I am forced to sell all my audio gear.
    It is black, I have all the package: Pico box, universal wall wart charger for it, leather pouch, mini USB cable. I am the original owner, It was been used for about one year, so it still has 2 years of warranty left.
    More information about it here: http://www.headamp.com/pico/pico_dac_amp/index.htm
    The DAC section is really good, definetely in the same league with 1000$ DAC's, the Amp section drives my HD800 and IE8 very good.
    Since I am located in Europe I prefer European Head-Fiers due to low shipping charges.
    Pictures will be posted on request.
    My price is 400 $ USD SOLD
    I am also selling my black WooAudio WA 6 SE: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/511408/fs-wooaudio-wa-6-se-lots-of-rare-drive-tubes-and-rectifiers-europe
    if someone is interested
  2. DarKu
  3. DarKu
    OK, I found the leather pouch, So now I have all the package with all accessories included.
    How about 400 USD shipped inside Europe !
  4. DarKu
    SOLD !

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