SOLD: Bifrost Multibit w/ Gen 5 (plus others FT)
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Jul 10, 2008
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Jul 10, 2008
*Edit: Sold the EC, but now with a new offering.*

After a rather manic period of exploration I am, once again, culling the herd. Purchased here or on other 'reputable' audio sites. Considering offers and looking for the following in trade: Hifiman HE500 or HE560 or HE6(se), Bryston B60 or comparable integrated amp (in black), maybe a black Bifrost 2 or, even less likely, a tube amp that sounds better than my NBM. Willing to give or receive cash to balance things out.

-Bifrost Multibit with Gen 5 USB: This sounds pretty magical though almost too lush with my other gear. In excellent condition with no apparent issues or wear whatsoever. I did not receive the OE cable from the first owner but it accepts a standard three prong cord.

Also have the following to sell/trade:

-Audio Technica AD2000 (non-X): Really enjoyed these in years past, but have grown accustomed to my Senns. Everyone talks about the mid range on these for good reason. In really amazing condition. Pads in tact and look good but feel thinner than I recall.

-Audeze EL-8 Open: Not for me. In excellent condition. Willing to sell for $300 or include as part of trade.

-Monolith M1060: Very surprised by these. Lots of slam. The previous owner removed the damping material and installed Dekoni angled velour pads. OE leather pads included as well. In excellent condition. Willing to sell for $215 or include as part of trade.

Will upload better pictures in daylight.


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