SOLD - Beyerdynamic DT-1350 w/Blue Dragon cable

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by arteom, Dec 5, 2017.
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    Picked these up this last April, they were going for a decent price, and I've always wanted to try them. They sound pretty damn good, nice coherent sound overall. My original intent was to use them for DJ/mixing purposes, but I found that they didn't work for me and how I mix music. I ended up using them in my office, worked great, isolate well. Need to recoup some cash after a few recent purchases, so these gotta go.

    They come hardwired with a 4.5' Blue Dragon cable, with 1/8" termination. I think the cable is just about worth my asking price, buy the cable, get the headphones for free :beyersmile:. They will be come with the original Beyerdynamic case, which is pretty nice.

    Price includes shipping in CONUS, paypal on buyer unless payment is sent as gift.

    IMG_20171205_104603.jpg IMG_20171205_104508.jpg IMG_20171205_113242.jpg IMG_20171205_113303.jpg
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  3. arteom
    bump and price drop
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    bump and price drop
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  7. aires69uk
    Would you consider shipping these internationally to the United Kingdom?
  8. arteom
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    bump and price drop
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  11. arteom
    someone out there has a void in their life that can only be filled by a Beyerdynamic DT-1350 w/Blue Dragon cable. bump and price drop!!
  12. suburbanite

    Nit picker, here.

    If you change 'their' to 'his,' you just might have a sell on your hands.

    Or... off. You get the idea.
  13. suburbanite
    OK... maybe not.

    I'll have to live with the nit/s and go ahead and express my interest.

    You have PM.

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