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Dec 5, 2007
For sale is a completed/occupied Bantam DAC.
I made 3 of these and planned to use the third one for a dac/amp combo, but decided I didn't have enough space in the case.

The DAC has never been used. There is no wiring, no casing, and no LED.
(I can test the unit upon request before shipping it out)
I can assure you that the soldering quality is top notch, and there is no flux residue to be seen.

The DAC uses Panasonic FM's and United Chemi-con' electrolytes, and 3.3uF Wima MKP2's at the output.
The USB jack is installed.

Pictures I took a while ago..

Back of board (I'm not sure which one it is)

Price is $42 shipped anywhere in 50 states.

I can ship internationally, but I can't take responsibility for the package after it has left my possession. The cost will be $37 + actual shipping.

The price covers the cost of the parts, as well as 2-way shipping. No profit is made.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Sale Pending...


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