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SOLD / Audio-GD Reference 1 DAC \

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  1. LeMat
    For Sale

    I'm not sure this DAC needs any introduction, It's one of the most consensual DAC around. Truly high end, incredible sound and built like a tank. Nothing to do with all these flimsy DAC which are flooding the market right now.

    I'm the original owner. It's in perfect condition and also comes with the original packaging.

    Unless you need all the extra inputs available on the 7.1, this one clearly has the best value for money.

    It comes with an RCA to BNC cable.
  2. hum4god
    i might be interested but have a few questions:
    how old is the dac ?
    which version DSP does it have ?
    what was the price new ?
    do you have a link w/ the original product description  from audio Gd?
  3. LeMat
    I received the DAC in august 2010.
    I didn't open it but I'm pretty sure it's the v.5, hence the latest version
    Price was 1850 USD if I remember correctly... and I remember adding a good chunk for shipping and import duties :frowning2:
    Here is a link I've found : http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/RE1/RE1EN.htm
    Let me know if you have any questions
  4. BournePerfect
    Is this still available? How much for shipping to 84047 (USA)?
  5. LeMat
    Price drop
  6. Eusebio
    does this DAC have a USB input and can you confirm the DSP version somehow?
  7. LeMat
    No USB input. (but I would recommend using BNC or coaxial instead...)
    I managed to find the suitable screwdriver to open it and DSP version is V4 apparently. The one with the dip switch on the side.
  8. eborges
    Still available?
    Sent you a PM.
  9. LeMat
  10. elwappo99
    I can't believe this unit is still available. There are only a small number of DACs that can compete with the Ref 1. 
  11. LeMat
    Agreed ! Hard to believe but yes, still available... Very hard to beat, especially at this price...
  12. LiuTim
    Still available? ship to Sanfrancisco. I can't PM you again couse I have reached my daily allotment. So please PM me the final price and your Paypal address. TY!
  13. LiuTim
    I have paid the money by using my bank account so you don't have to pay the Paypal fee. TY
  14. LiuTim
    Very nice DAC and very good seller!
  15. LiuTim
    This DAC sound great
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