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***sold***Audio-GD Master 11 DAC/amp (Local Pickup - SF Bay Area)

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  1. SeeSax
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    ***sold***Hi Friends,

    It is with a heavy heart that I list this wonderful DAC/amp combo from Audio-GD. Since I do not use headphones anymore, it is just sitting on a shelf in my office doing nothing and it is time to pass it along to another member. I really need to downsize my equipment as I really only use a DAP. I would STRONGLY prefer to deal locally in the California Bay Area (or I'm even willing to drive an hour or two to get closer to you) given the weight and logistics complexity of shipping this device. That said, PM me if interested and I will keep it in mind if there isn't a buyer locally.

    I bought this probably two years ago from the classifieds here and it has worked flawlessly. The case has been opened (probably by me to take photos of the jewelry inside) and so the warranty sticker is broken. As for cosmetics, there is a small ding on the corner, a scratch on the top and a tiny chip in the LCD screen. Those are all I can see and they are purely cosmetic and I've tried to show them in photos. This is one of the last great PCM1704 based DACs. Included is a power cable, the 50 pound aluminum remote and that is all.








    Thanks for looking,

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  2. SeeSax
    Bump and $100 price drop to $1,050. I'll consider shipping this and will split costs with the buyer within the United States.
  3. baiyy1986
    WOW! Great price!
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  4. alphameridian0
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