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*SOLD* Audeze LCD-X (2016) w/Carbon Fiber Headband

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  1. westermac
    Fantastic headphones, rarely used as I do most of my listening on speakers. No scratches, scuffs, dings etc to speak of and leather is in perfect shape. It includes the upgraded carbon fiber headband, as well as original travel case, cables (1/4in and balanced), 1/4in adapter, stock headband and documentation.

    Price includes shipping and PayPal fees to CONUS. No trades at this time please.

    Thanks for looking :beerchug:

    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
  2. jozefs

    I have interest about AUDEZE LCD-X.
  3. westermac
    I sent you a PM
  4. westermac
  5. scttooo
  6. westermac
    Back up for sale!
  7. westermac
  8. westermac
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