SOLD: Audeze LCD-4; full warranty

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    Up for sale is a pair of Audeze LCD-4 for $2,450 plus shipping and fees.

    It pains me to sale these, as I literally just bought these from Moon Audio (b-stock) last week. As it turned out, the very day these were delivered, I received a call from from my work's headquarters informing me I would be relocated. As such, I will be buying a house and will use the funds to move that process forward.

    From Audeze:

    "Here's a recap of our headphone warranty agreement: We cover 3 years for the drivers and 1 year for the rest of the parts, and this begins from the original date of purchase. (This is for factory defect only, not wear and tear or cosmetic damage from use.) For direct warranty service we cover parts, labor and return shipping, so the only cost to customers is shipping the headphones for repair."

    -Audeze LCD-4 (serial #4143212)
    -Warranty card/flash drive
    -Audeze's pelican-style case
    -White gloves
    -No leather/wood care kit was provided by Moon Audio, sorry

    20171203_163743_resized.jpg 20171203_163815_resized.jpg 20171203_163829_resized.jpg 20171203_163904_resized.jpg 20171203_163950_resized.jpg 20171203_164129_resized.jpg 20171203_164249_resized.jpg 20171203_164401_resized.jpg 20171203_164407_resized.jpg 20171203_164420_resized.jpg 20171203_164530_resized.jpg
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