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[SOLD!] Audeze iSine 20 w/V.1 Cipher Cable $250

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  1. Victorfabius
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    Price includes shipping to ConUS and I assume all PayPal fees.

    I got these open box, but the warranty does not seem to be valid, which is why the cost is low on this listing compared to other iSine listings.

    Comes with everything pictured, which may not be all of the accessories typically included, but it looks mostly complete. 2 pairs of hooks, USB warranty stick, tips, cleaning tool, carry case. Not sure what's missing, but there might be something gone that I don't recognize. Sorry about that.

    The Cipher Cable is the Version 1, which may be of interest to some, and the firmware on the cable has been updated to the current version as of May 2019.

    So, what else is at issue? I'm pretty sure these were B-Stock, but there's no indication anywhere that they were. Why? The left connector didn't like to connect due to a small patch of glue. I got that out and the connection is secure. Still, these don't seem like open-box, and I'm convinced that what I purchased was a switched box product (B-Stock for New Stock, then returned to the seller I purchased from, who is not an authorized dealer), even though I have no evidence for this. The glue is also odd to me. Which is another reason the cost is low.

    The 3.5mm cable has one of the rubberized wraps near the plug broken, and it is shown in the photo.

    How's the sound? Excellent, from what I can tell. But I don't pump up the volume and I use it at work, where there's lots of background noise (yes, even in a library! The world is changing folks!). I can't hear much of a difference between the iSine 10 and the iSine 20 at work, and since I prefer the look of the iSine 10, well, that's the one I'm going to keep.

    Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer as best as I can! Thanks for looking!

    IMG_20190531_132036.jpg IMG_20190531_132045.jpg IMG_20190531_132117.jpg IMG_20190531_132459.jpg IMG_20190531_132555.jpg IMG_20190531_132705.jpg IMG_20190531_132722.jpg IMG_20190531_132729.jpg
  2. Victorfabius
    Just going to throw a little bump up in here.
  3. raddar4
  4. Victorfabius
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