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SOLD - Astell Kern SP1000 DAP SS Stainless Steel + 200 GB mSD

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  1. bflat
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    For sale is a like new Astell & kern SP1000 DAP in stainless Steel. I am the original owner and purchased from an authorized dealer in June 2017. It is 100% functional with the latest firmware 1.08. My travel has cut down significantly from when I purchased this and have not used it much in the last 6 months. All original parts and packaging are included:
    • Original box and presentation wood case
    • Instructions
    • Leather case - I used it for about 5 days before apply a body armor (see note below)
    • USB-C cord
    • mSD slot tray tool
    • 1 screen protector and 2 back protectors (new and unused)
    • Extra! - Sandisk 200 GB mSD card
    Note - In the first week of ownership, I applied full matte body armor on the chassis with clear screen and back protector. If you see haze and slightly dark lines on the body pics below it is due to the matte body armor on all 4 sides. Under the body armor, the chassis is like new. It still fits in the case, but I preferred using without and stored in a Pelican case (not included). I can remove the body armor if the buyer wants before I ship, but it literally peels off.

    Due to weight and import duties, this sale is only for CONUS.

    Price is SOLD inclusive of PP fees and CONUS shipping. Price is firm unless you are willing to make a PP gift payment, but I will require buyer to have a good feedback history on Head-fi. Sorry cash only, no trades.

    IMG_1840.jpg IMG_1842.jpg
    IMG_1831.jpg IMG_1832.jpg
    IMG_1843.jpg IMG_1844.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
  2. bflat
    Prime Day bump :L3000:
  3. bflat
    Bump. In honor of CanJam, including a 200 GB mSD card

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