SOLD Astell&Kern AK120 II DAP $300 Shipped

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  1. xbc1001
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    •   United States
    There is one dent on the volume dial. You can see that in the picture. Only comes with the DAP itself and the leather case; no original package. The battery is still very strong. It lasts for about 10 hours. The DAP is fully functional and has no problem except for the dent. $300 shipped, US only 000 (2).jpeg 001 (1).jpeg 003.jpeg 004.jpeg 005.jpeg 00 shipped, US only. 000 (2).jpeg 001 (1).jpeg 003.jpeg 004.jpeg 005.jpeg
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  2. xbc1001
  3. hyunmok86
    amazing price. I recently sold one with original package on ebay for $600. that's a steal
  4. nuke350
    Agreed, someone got a DEAL!

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