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SOLD: ASL MG Head DT OTL Mk III, Plus some good tubes.

  1. Greg K
    SOLD... Thanks for looking! Antique Sound Labs MG Head DT OTL Mk III.  I bought the amp new from Audible Arts in San Jose about 4 years ago.
    This is the latest version of the amp. 120 or 240V operation, 50 or 60 Hz.  you can run output transformerless for higher impedance cans, or use the transformers for lower impedance.  OTL worked well for HD 650s, W1000s, 701s. My GS1000s really needed the transformers.  In any case, you get to experiment...
    Condition wise, a very solid 8/10 on the Audiogon scale.  Faceplates are perfect.  You'll find minor marks elsewhere if you look hard enough.
    Tubes:  The original equipment Electro Harmonix 12AX7 and Sovtek EL84s are unused
                The pair of JJ EL84s are unused
                The RCA 5751 black plate has 1,000 +/- hours
                The RCA EL84 Black plates have 1,000 +/- hours
                The BVA branded Mullards were purchased from Audible Arts in July of this year.  I had maybe 50 hours on them before getting my Supra Extreme XLR.
    The Amp new, was $400.  The extra tubes were north of $500.
    I'm asking $325 for the amp and tubes.  I'll pick up shipping in CONUS.  PayPal adds 3%
    I don't have a lot of dealings here, but please feel free to check my Audiogon feedback.  I'm Mgkasten over there.
    This is a great little amp for the money.  Everyone's tastes are different, of course (I'm a SET guy in my main system)... but I preferred the MG Head to my RSA Raptor.  The Raptor was an excellent amp, but it spoke more to my head.  The MG Head speaks more to my soul.  Thanks for looking!
    DSC_0042_resize.jpg DSC_0044.jpg DSC_0041_resize.jpg DSC_0038_resize.jpg DSC_0045_resize.jpg DSC_0039_resize.jpg DSC_0035_resize.jpg
  2. jclyle
    PM sent

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