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SOLD!! Arcici Lead Balloon Turntable Stand RARE!!

  1. les_garten
    The Rare and Unique Arcici Lead Balloon Turntable Stand


    I bought this stand around 1991 and used it for an Oracle Delphi and a Sota Star untill I got rid of my Tables about a year ago. It needs a coat of Paint in a few areas. I have shown the worst of the Paint issues, most of the stand is Excellant. If you look at the photo that shows the upper right you'll see where some tape pulled some of the original paint during a household move. The Hammered Texture Rustoleum would look great on this stand. I still have the 50# of Lead Bars with the stand. I used it filled with sand, but if you can get Lead shot, that would be the Ultimate non resonant and coupled Turntable stand. Filled with lead Shot, this stand is over 200 pounds I'm sure. This stand is great for tightening and extending Base Resolution as well as Transients, Attack, and Decay. Notice the Points under the Top portion where the top plate sits on the Pylons. Also notice the Tiptoes on the Feet to couple to whatever it is standing on. I've Used this stand with SOTA Star, Oracle Delphi, VPI HW-19, Townsend Elite Rock . THEY ALL LOVED IT!!

    Included in the Auction:

    1) Main Trianguler Stand Portion (The Pylons)

    2) Two 25# Lead Bars

    3) Top Rectangular Plate that sits on Triangular Main Portion via points

    Here's the Delivery deal. There are two options:

    1) Local Pickup in West Palm Beach "Area" from 9AM-4PM Weekdays.

    2) You arrange Packaging and shipping, I'll drop it off where you make arrangements at within reason, as in Southeastern Florida. If it's too far, there may be mileage involved, I'll be MORE than fair though. I'll need to recoup Gasoline( At Toyota Land Cruiser Consumption Rates) if over 50 miles round trip.

    3) I will deal with International bidders if they are interested in setting up the Freight arrangements.

    My main thing is that I'm not going to try and box this stand myself. I will work with anyone really interested in the Stand.

    This is a great find if you are looking for a Collectable "Totally Awesome" Turntable stand. If Arcici were making these today, I'm sure it would be $600 or more. I paid $295 back in the day.

    Price $200 Firm, feel free to ask questions.



  2. les_garten
    Happy Birthday Mark Spitz!!
  3. les_garten
    Happy Birthday Kin Novak!!

    Wicked Girl!
  4. les_garten
    Happy Birthday to the Flag of Canada, the "Maple Leaf", born 1965!!
  5. les_garten
  6. les_garten
    Thank you Thomas Edison for the Phonograph!!
  7. les_garten
    Surprise Surprise Surprise

    Still for Sale!!
  8. les_garten
    Bumping up thru the Haze!
  9. les_garten
    Ohhh, forgot to post this in the Original Posting.

    You can use this for a Headphone Amp also!!
  10. les_garten
    Sale Pending!! But not consummated!!
  11. les_garten
    Last call!! Looks like I will have to drive it a ways to sell on Wednesday, would prefer not to drive. Give me a call
  12. les_garten
    Last chance for a great stand!
  13. les_garten
    SOLD!! Thanx to everyone who looked!!

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