SOLD: Apogee Duet - Sale or Trade, Immaculate
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Nov 28, 2007
This is an interest check for my immaculate Apogee Duet. All original packaging included. I have an additional custom ¼” to RCA to go with it. I’m listening to it right now, it is truly stunning with both my HD580’s and my Shure SE530’s.

I was planning a Mac Mini based music server system with the Apogee Duet as the heart and soul of the system. I have found that bedside listening just doesn’t happen much for me so my plans and needs have changed. Work is a PC environment. Using my Macbook Pro as a giant iPod is not practical, so I am looking for other options. I hate to give this wonderful unit up, but it just isn’t getting the time it deserves from me.

I would either sell outright, or trade for something with USB and analog inputs, DAC and amplifier. Portable or transportable. Likely contenders are the Pico and Predator, but I am open to ideas. Please pm or email with your interest and offers.

This will be in both source and amp threads (unless I get spanked for dual forum post) since it truly is both a source and fine headphone amp, as well as an awesome 2 channel recording interface.

I have a bit of feedback here, and a whole bunch at ebay, same user name. I’m happy to send you a message from the ebay ID if that gives you comfort.

Thank you!

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