[sold] ALO Amphora amp and preamp - Walnut. (Canada)
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May 1, 2009
Selling my ALO Amphora. this is serial number 13. I got it from the forums a little while ago. It was originally sold to decur, then Shamu144, then myself.
Condition is very good. functionally, everything works 100%. There was a small scratch on the top surface when I got it. it's about 1" long but so fine that's it's not visible when looking at it from most angles. the light has to hit it at a certain angle before you can see it. 
What's nice about this unit, aside from the sound, which is neutral, well extended and smooth, is the flexibility.
It has two analog inputs (RCA and 1/8")
It has two headphone outs (1/4" and 1/8")
It is a nice preamp.
it has low and high gain and can drive the LCD3, HD800, MD7000 very well plus some IEMs.
It runs on a 9V battery that lasts around 25 hours and is transportable.
it's beautiful and there's only 100 of them out there. (plus a few SE versions)
Reason for selling? I got an all-in-one Bel Canto 2.5 DAC and I no longer listen to headphones often enough that I need anything better than the headphone out of the Bel Canto. I don't want this piece sitting in a drawer. it's too good to go unused.
I used this unit with the LCD3, the HD800 and a bunch of Grados/ Magnum V4 and it sounds excellent. At the time I had the LCD3 and HD800, I also tried out the Burson Soloist. Well, the Amphora holds its own against the Soloist. The difference was slightly in favor of the Soloist for the LCD3 (bit more bass impact) but I preferred the HD800 on the Amphora. The Soloist made it sound a bit more edgy.
Don't be fooled by the compact  size of this unit. The RWA headphone stage is top notch and can be used with lots of excellent headphones. I would probably draw the line at anything around 600 ohms, though. It sounded good with the 300 ohm HD650, though.
edit sold!
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