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Dec 11, 2013
Made a lot of recent purchases lately and made a lot of improvements to my system so it's time to clean house. Feel free to ask questions about anything, I am however looking largely just to sell. You're welcome to send trade suggestions but for the love of God, please no more headphones 😅 Both the K702's and A1000Z's come with replacement cables. Neither are any better then the stock ones but not bad by any stretch, also only the 58X's will come in the original box. Prices reflect shipping to CONUS, can ship elsewhere however expect the price to reflect the difference in shipping rates.

AKG K702 $200: I've had these for about 1.5 years now, they're neutral and beautiful. On a SS amp they have probably some of the best soundstage and great imaging but they're cold. On my Lyr 3 they really come alive but got significantly closer. I would recommend them for analysis on a SS and for slower Acoustic/orchestral sounds on a tube. They've been replaced by my AD2000 and Sundara.

*SOLD* Senn. 58X Jubilee $100: Not much needs to be said here, they're great. But just not great enough to me to edge out the above mentioned cans. Imaging is amazing, they take well to a tube. Basically if you want to know what flavor your system is going to add to a song's sound you play it through these. I just got them, burned them in, went "wow, I do love the flavor my system adds!", took them off and didn't see a need to put them on again. *SOLD*

*SOLD* ATH A1000Z $200: These have a detachable cable mod done to them and takes a single ended 2.5mm Senn. HD700 style cable and includes the replacement Brainwavz hybrid XL pads to get rid of driver rub on your ears. I love these and could wear them all day but again, I just love my AD2000's more for slow music and my Sundara's for my rock. If I was a gamer I could see not parting with them but since The Elder Scrolls VI won't be out for another 17 years I don't have a need to keep them and someone else will enjoy them. *SOLD*


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