SOLD: [AK]Zip Corda HA-1 MkII
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Mar 4, 2006
I am selling a Corda HA-1 MkII made by [AK]Zip/APureSound. IIRC, the HA-1 MkII has basically the same circuit design used in the HeadFive and the Arietta.

I bought it directly from Alex a while ago. According to him, he used better parts than the standard Meier Audio ones.

There are many minor scratches, etc, from being carried around in a backpack a couple of times. Functionally it is still in perfect condition.

Here are the pictures:

The price is $OLD shipped to CONUS. PM me for the price if you want me to ship it out of the CONUS. Paypal is preferred, and I'll pay the Paypal fees, but you have to be Paypal verified/confirmed.

Here is my feedback thread:

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