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SOLD Ak sp1000 copper Mint

Trader History (32)
  1. quodjo105
    For Sale
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    1FFB80E2-A8FE-43AA-944F-01C42270D2C7.jpeg 838EEBF9-4112-4761-881F-D3763D8C7E0A.jpeg 105A1CC0-3CEE-41BA-A014-4C3D9DA89E26.jpeg 4605E257-4C9D-4043-B8FD-8D10CFD8D3F1.jpeg 8F144762-1311-4243-95C1-26F4A9E8FC87.jpeg 35056A40-28EF-484C-AAF0-F9678902DE05.jpeg selling my sp1000cu . Original receipt is dated July 2018 , so it’s mint . All accessories included . Plus free 200gb sandisk micro sd card . Free shipping in UK . Buyer pays PayPal fees. Will add pictures soon .
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  2. swesko
    sorry im quite lost, you just bought this and you are selling or is this another unit?

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