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[SOLD]Aeon Flow Open

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  1. Tostitostelli
    For Sale
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    For sale from the Netherlands, ships worldwide: Shipping method to be determined by buyer.
    Accepting offers.
    Aeon Flow Open headphones, in great condition. No visible scratches.
    Im selling these great cans because I have too many headphones, and I'm selling most of them to save up for Utopias/Ether C Flow
    Used for 5 months, but maintained, wiped off with a cloth after use.
    The cable has been replaced by a BRAND NEW one since the old one lost sound in the left channel somehow. This NEW cable, is the original DUMMER cable from MrSpeakers.
    Headband sliders have also been replaced.

    Everything included in the original box. certificate of authenticity, quarter-inch adapter, foam cutouts for sound tuning+cleaning cloth in original plastic bag, manual, travel case.
    IMG_20180909_152348.jpg IMG_20180909_152402.jpg IMG_20180909_152423.jpg IMG_20180909_152437.jpg IMG_20180909_152517.jpg IMG_20180909_152536.jpg IMG_20180910_132234.jpg IMG_20180910_132356.jpg IMG_20180910_132550.jpg IMG_20180910_132643.jpg IMG_20180910_132717.jpg IMG_20180910_132814.jpg
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  2. Tostitostelli
  3. Tostitostelli

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