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[SOLD] 6DR7 tubes: GE, Westinghouse, International, for Woo Audio WA6

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  1. Braver
    For Sale
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    All pairs, tested and matched. I prefer the 6DE7 so these are for someone else to enjoy.

    GE 6DR7
    Bought from The Tuberoom, tested and matched by them. NOS, unused by me other than an single album to test them. Nice black plates, original boxes and everything in great condition.

    Westinghouse (Philco rebrand?) 6DR7
    Bought from Vivatubes, tested and matched by them. NOS, used by me for perhaps 20 hours. Grey plates, boxes and everything in perfect condition.

    International Servicemaster 6DR7
    Originally shipped with my Woo Audio WA6. I assumed tested and matched by Woo. Sound great, but haven't used them much at all. With boxes, all like new.

    I have a pair of RCA 6EW7 and a pair of Sylvania 6DE7 that I can throw in if your interested. Looking for about €15,- per pair, but am primarily interested in having someone else enjoy them so make me an offer. Will ship everywhere at cost: we'll come to an agreement. Payment via Paypal only unless you're also in the Netherlands.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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