SOLD: 5' Norne Audio Draug 3 4-pin XLR Headphone Cable with Audeze connectors... Excellent Condition!
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May 31, 2010
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Athens GA USA
May 31, 2010
Athens GA USA
SOLD: Norne Audio Draug 3 Headphone Cable with XLR 4-pin premium connector and Audeze connectors. It is in excellent condition. I have been using it with my Audeze LCD-3F Headphones... great sound... far above the standard cables. I am asking only $219 OBO and I pay shipping and PayPal fee.

I am only selling because I just received his ultimate copper cable... the Volsund... it is a step up, that's for sure.

I will pay shipping in Continental USA and PayPal fee.

You can read what Trevor Goldman says about his Draug 3...

Introducing the ultimate evolution to the Draug Series occ copper litz headphone cable, we are very proud to present the Draug v3.

With 20awg per polarity and pure cotton cores in each of the 24-wires, we have precisely refined the stranding and design to bring the absolute end-game in pure copper occ litz headphone cables. We had one goal in mind with the Draug 3, a cable that simply cannot be bested by any other copper headphone cable. Utilizing our well known and unique Tri-multiconductor geometry the Draug v3 is able to bring the top possible transparency for copper occ litz. Representing the best clarity and detail, ultra precise and clean bass as well as a fantastic soundstage, the Draug 3 took countless iterations of testing to achieve this desired result. With further refinement to the polymer dielectric on each of the 24-wires, the Draug 3 also delivers a marked improvement to the physical comfort factor while maintaining top notch durability. Thanks to our unique geometry, you also have a near complete lack of microphonics (mechanical noise) and some of the best flexibility a large gauge polymer dielectric cable can bring.

Draug.1.jpg Draug.2.jpg Draug.3.jpg Draug.4.jpg Draug.5.png

The Draug 3, like many of our cables, has a complex fully hand produced process in manufacturing. We pride ourselves on braiding all 24 wires of the Draug 3 precisely and painstakenly by hand (no machines). The end result is a quality and precision to the cable not achieved by other means. After each of the 24-wires are braided into our 8 x Tri-condcutors we then do our square 8-braid for the full length by hand. After this is completed we ustilize a very precise and temperature controlled thermal stripper to carefully strip a total of 48 individual wire ends. We then proceed to protect each of the ends polymer with a specialized material before tinning the litz wire in our molten solder pot (silver solder). After all 48 ends are tinned we then proceed to the soldering process, utilizing the well reputed Eidolic connectors along with silver solder as our default and standard. The final steps are finishing work and hotstamped labels if chosen, finally testing the cable in various ways before it is approved to be packaged. Our goal is simply as close to a masterpiece as the human hands can create when it comes to high end cables. Our primary goal was not only to achieve a cable that reveals a window to the absolute ultimate sound, but also a cable that is superior in every single aspect desired for a replacement high end headphone cable.
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