SOLD: 5.5g 80gb iMod w/ Custom Large Cap Portable Dock & Interconnects
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Greetings. I am ditching portable hifi and going to put these funds toward a home setup :)

I went for the outright best sound you can get for a portable or transportable application and this is it

5.5g White iPod Video w/ RedWine Audio iMod performed on it

($240 for the iPod new six months ago, $250 for the iMod modification - $490 total)

Custom portable large cap dock built by StevenKelby. I went for the recommended configuration of a a pair of 3.3uF OIMP V-caps coupled with a pair of .22uF TFTF V-caps. Why? Outperforms the portable v-cap dock you can get from ALO. Infact, I believe that ALO used to offer a configuration like this at one point in time. This is in the league with the large cap wood stations that cost closer to somewhere around $8-900 I believe. Oh, and we used the same 20g solid silver in the interconnects for the internal wiring.

I wanted to add versatility to this rig so I added a second mini output (so two people can listen out of it at the same time) as well as the RCA outs (so you can integrate it with home amps or maybe at a party, etc)

It turned out to be quite the hassle to pull off, here's a direct quote from Steve after finishing it:

[size=xx-small]"Now, I have to tell you, I haven't ever made anything as hard as this dock. I didn't realize, thought it would be ok, but adding those RCAs at the other end to the mini plugs took up enough space inside to make sure that everything would not fit in the case. I didn't want to use a longer case and wont go into the full story as I'm very busy but I managed to fit it all in perfectly, all the parts in there are packed together hard, but with foam and/or thin rubber between them, and there is zero free space in there.

I had to mod the RCA jacks internally so they only just stick into the case a tiny bit, with the wires exiting sideways.

Anyway, it took me over 14 hours in total for your job, I'm very happy with how it turned out but wont be doing another like that! You ended up getting a good deal, if I had known how hard it would be I would have doubled my quote"

I was lucky to get this done for so cheap.

Price for the special order dock was $480

Here are some pics




Interconnects: I had Steve make me a set of interconnects as well. We went with a 2x 22g Jena Cryo copper with 2x 20g Solid Silver configuration (yes, this is exactly what ALO uses) I chose to go with the white dock connector as I think it just gives a nice overall look to these connects, playing on the silver and keeping things light
The mini plugs are switchcrafts. I also had him put in a mini-usb connector so that you can charge while playing - this has been unbelievably useful for me in performing burn in for all of the components and simply not having to stop listening to my music so I can charge it as normal
Adds to versatility, as most amps outlive the iPod batteries and now you can more easily charge while on the go, and without having to stop the music. In the end, the pricing starts getting steep, and yet you end up with the same as ALO makes but with added features, better braiding and better looks
Oh! And Steve does a nice resin seal to really keep the cabling from putting tension on the soldering points at all. Wish everybody did this.


This LOD was $120


The Mini-to-Mini was $80

And the way it all comes together:



Total price for it all was $1,170.

I have basically received this and taken care of the hassle of burn-in for you. The whole rig has roughly 280-300 hours on it.

I'm going to offer the whole rig up for an even $885 - which includes CONUS shipping sent priority with insurance and delivery confirmation, and the paypal fees that I will absorb.

I can ship international, just add $20.

As far as breaking it up - it's an option, but I think this will move pretty quickly so I won't be into breaking it up soon here.

I can take pics of the iMod tomorrow if it's still around.

Thanks for looking. Will answer all PMs

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