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SOLD 3M MIT Terminator 4 Speaker Cables

  1. n_maher Contributor

    Up for sale are my much loved MIT Terminator 4 speakers cables. They are simply too long for my current HT rig (the are 3M) and as such I recently replaced them with some custom DIY jobs that keep my wife much happier. [​IMG] I've had these cables for approximately 7 years and they've been well cared for during that span. In full disclosure they are not aesthetically perfect but I spent 10 minutes or so cleaning them up and it helped greatly. I'm sure with a little effort they could be made to look even better. I believe that I still have the original box in storage, although I'll have to double check that.

    I don't honestly know what these are worth, I know I paid north of $200 for them back in the day and they certainly still sound great. I guess I'd like to see $100 shipped for them (ConUs, all fees included).

    Here's a picture of them, taken the other night after a bit of cleaning.


    Please PM with any questions and as always feel free to check my feedback here if you have any concerns about dealing with me.

    Thanks for looking,

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  2. n_maher Contributor
  3. n_maher Contributor
    Had a buyer interested, he's dropped off the face earth - bump.
  4. n_maher Contributor
    make an offer bump
  5. carverboy
    Hi are these still avaiable

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