SOLD:10' DIY balanced silver cable for Senn 6x0. SOLD
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Jun 5, 2006
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I received this 5 days ago from 'johnsonad'. Unrealistic thinking silver will make my Senn sound like a Grado I once owned before. I paid $SOLD$ for it. For quick sale price: $SOLD$. non CC Paypal please. This will include shipping to the CONUS.
This cost is much less than the materials themselves.

I am start to getting into flashlight stuffs. If you have something like that, I willing to trade also.

Here is the copied description of the cable:
"The 10’ silver cable is quad litz braided Home Grown Audio 24 awg solid core 99.999% pure silver in Teflon insulation. The headphone ends are REMOVABLE resolderable ends. The XLR connectors are gold plated Neutrik. 4% silver solder used on all joints. The silver braid is run through a cotton tube then through the nylon multifilament tube. The splits are sewn together and there is little to no strain on the junction points. It took me a long time to build this cable right and it sounds wonderful. If you are looking for a well build solid silver cable, this is it."

Link to the cable which I bought with pictures:

Thanks for checking this out.

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