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Sold!!RME adi 2 Pro FS

Trader History (15)
  1. Lewis Li
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:
    40B0ADAB-D5FA-4130-BBCF-C51E5B1E3CFA.jpeg E1CA9139-E666-4816-8332-0527B45E2ED4.jpeg D24F5709-9D08-4379-947D-CE263819EBB5.jpeg 3ED69CD9-44BF-4A67-BFCE-2E8C6281283F.jpeg 7B876F00-2CD4-44FD-B7E3-D4F84C0F2217.jpeg Hi there,

    I just found that the adi 2 pro needs a microphone amp to drive the microphone and doing reccording. That's not suitable for me now and I need to sell it. In good condition with some tiny flaws on the top.

    It's a FS version, including many cables and user mannual, no original box
    shipping and pp on you, shipping conus
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  2. thatonenoob
    Do you put the plastic knob over the tubes regularly?
  3. Lewis Li
    tube? I am not selling adi2, anot the liquid platinum
  4. Lewis Li
  5. GarageBoy
    I think he was worried about the tubes melting the knob
  6. Lewis Li
    Oh~, got him. Well, my liquid platinum has sold hahah
  7. smeksime
    Man... just bought a new ADI-2 DAC
  8. Lewis Li
    return it, then come back hahhaha

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