Sol Republic Tracks HD Review
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Jun 28, 2013
Hello, all. In my last post I asked for help on what headphones to get. I decided to take a leap and get the Sol Republic Tracks HD. For all of you that are iffy on whether or not to try this pair of cans, I will give an honest review on what I think of them.
Saturday afternoon, I went to Best Buy and tried out some headphones. Among these trials were Sennheiser, Monster, Beats and Skullcandy. With a $150 budget, I automatically ruled out Monster and Beats by Dre. Seeing all the more-expensive headphones was really frustrating, because not many headphones there were good for that price. Then I saw the Sol Republic part of the shelf. I was intrigued at the packaging. So I decided to to purchase them. 25 minutes out of the store, I was at home with the headphones on my head, jamming to some tunes. 
Sound quality wise, these headphones are terrific! The first time I put them on, it was a little weird seeing as though these are on-ear, and I'm used to Studio Beats. It was somewhat uncomfortable at first, but within 30-45 minutes I overcame that. Now to the sound quality-- these headphones are absolutely great. The clarity is better than my beats, and so is the bass. These headphones are mainly directed at dubstep and hip-hop, but I tried many genres; Bullet for my Valentine, Sum 41, Trivium, Forever the Sickest Kids, Iron Maiden and Breaking Benjamin all sounded amazing on these. On the Studios, the bass is rather muddy. It completely drowns out the vocals and instruments of those same bands I just listed. But on the Sol Republic Tracks HD, the vocals were clear, you can hear the instruments very clearly, and the bass doesn't overpower the music. The bass is tighter and just fits better if that makes any sense. Everything sounds the way it's supposed to. Seeing as though the bands I listen to have all-male vocalists, I listened to some Flyleaf and Evanescence. Now let me tell you, that's where these headphones shine. 
Comfort wise, these are pretty darn comfy. Now, these aren't Bose QC15, but they are more comfortable than the Beats Solo HD, which the Sol Republic headphones are obviously competing with. Considering that Sol Republic was founded by Kevin Lee, son of Noel Lee(CEO of Monster), you'd think these headphones were gonna be just another fashion statement or crap headphones, but you'd be dead wrong. The headphones have a cushion on the inside of the headband that springs up very slowly when you push down on it. The pads on the speakers are very plush and soft. These headphones don't go around your ear, just on them, like the Solo HD Beats. The pads are circular, so it won't be as comfy as something that is an oval shape.
Style wise, these are very stylish. The headband is virtually indestructible. You could tie it in a knot and it'd be crack-free and it would go back to it's original shape. The speakers also slide right off the headband, so you can easily buy a different color headband if the one you bought doesn't suit your fashion needs. The cord is thick on the lower half, but splits into 2 thinner wires on the upper half. The jack that plugs into your device is an angled tip jack, and its tall, so it should work with all of your thick cases. The box the Sol Republics come in also have a carrying bag so you can put your cans in there and put them in a backpack or briefcase. The headband is also a fingerprint magnet, so always have a microfiber cloth in handy.
Overall, these headphones are a great buy. at $129.99, these headphones are $70 cheaper than Beats Solo HD, so I highly recommend these to anyone who likes listening to music. Note, if you're an audiophile, these headphones probably aren't for you. Sorry for the long review.
Thanks for reading!

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