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Software to limit the loudness of peak sounds (gunshots, explosions etc.)?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by FLIR, Feb 7, 2019.
  1. FLIR

    I always listen to movies/games with headphones on a very high level to get all the details of the background sounds (wind, rain, footsteps, distant sounds etc.) and to immerse myself in the soundscape. The problem:

    Movies and games are mastered in a way that those immersive background sounds are on a very low level, while certain sounds (for example gunshots, yelling, explosions etc.) are extremely exaggerated (bass, treble) compared to the rest of the soundscape. Those loud sounds really hurt my ears! But if I turn down the volume, I completely lose the details of the background soundscape...

    There seems to be only one solution:

    I need a software program (on PC) to limit the loudness of those peak sounds. I do not need a compressor to get everything on the same level. I just want to limit the loudness of those peak sounds (gunshots etc.); the rest of the soundscape should stay exactly the same.

    Does anybody know such a program?

    Thank you very much!

    p.s. here is a graphic to illustrate the problem. Its just an example; I dont play competitive games. The first line shows the problem. The second line shows the compressed sound, a solution I also dont like, because it destroys the original composition of the background sounds (the feeling for distance, for example, is lost with compression):

  2. cdsa35000

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