So you think you can DIY.....
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so, wait a minute, that's a 4 pin base. So either it's a diode or it's got a dc heater and always-grounded cathode?

direct heated triode.
it could just be a diode too. a diode only *needs* 3 pins though.

Also, where's the getter?

it may not have one. the getter is an optional bit of the tube after all.
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whoa. That took a while.

That was epic.

He wears a suit when he makes his tubes.
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That was really neat and I really enjoyed that. Kind of makes me think more highly of tubes. And I always like this kind of stuff.

Thanks for sharing that.

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That deserves it's own DIY sticky... HOF material. Having worked in a SC front end, it was very nostalgic.
Jan 7, 2008 at 7:13 AM Post #24 of 34 feel very humbled with my DIY skills compared to his....just amazing

I want to see his shop!
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yeah, it was a bit good wasn't it!

No, i didn't really want to order 14000 of them! Don't want to give the fella a heart attack.

Very involved process isn't it - and joshadot, you are seeing into his workshop - see the old milling machines and lathes towards the end.

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If you can read French - you find out that most of he tools you see him use he built himself, most impressivly the molecular vaccum pump, which is NOT a trivial undertaking
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He's kind of a Da vinci, styled scientist/craftsman. That shop is just an amazing display of what can be done with human ingenuity. If the tubes sound good, then there is no end to what audio equipment he could build from scratch!
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I am in total awe. Every tool has a use and the nuance of the movements would take years and years to ever learn properly , perhaps the best example available today of the blending of art and science. I am glad to see this type of thing still practiced , so much more soulfull than a machine stamping things out at an ungodly rate. He has a passion , hope he passes it on to someone , a gift like his lost would be such loss to everyone. Thanks for the link I watched every second of it also.

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