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So who was it....

  1. warMen
    ...who wrote this review [​IMG] (Check the first one, they even link head-fi)


    Pretty funny, there is a lot of bose bashing going on even in those reviews. I was just checking to see what people said about them... and yes, I have tried them many times (friend has a pair). I wasn't too impressed... I didn't have a good source though.
  2. CLum
    I also checked out the bose reviews a while back and i think there were a few that mentioned head-fi.
  3. GlorytheWiz825
    Wasn't me. That was a pretty good review though.
  4. 3x331m
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Heh. You might see a few familiar names if you scroll through all the reviews.

    Then I added one. There are only about 80 reviews there. If more Head-Fi'ers spoke up, the Triport might have a more accurate assessment.
  6. nysulli
    what i don't get is that a number of people say the build quality sucks, and that their overpriced, yet still give them 4-5 stars, one guy even compared them sonically to px100's that cost 1/3rd of the triports, even that comparison is being generous to the triports

    its really amazing how blind the average person is to the quality of bose, all of those people need to through a pair of senn hd555's over their ears and they'd quickly see just how much better you can do for 150 bucks both in build quality and sound quality

    end of my rant, stupid people really bug me

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