So what's after the MDR-V6s?
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Aug 2, 2011
Just poking around, I know these headphones usually aren't peoples favourite headphones, but they are well respected. The thing is, I've tried lots of other headphones, and the V6s are indeed MY favourite headphones ever. Durability is off the charts, nice rugged style, and sound, while I have found better sound only from a higher-price mark headphone out of a home amplifier, the V6s dont dissapoint.
My setup is just an iPhone 3G (getting a 4 soon) and the MDR-V6s. No amp or anything. 
So I'm trying to think of what would be the "end" of the MDR-V6 line. 
I have never tried the CD900ST (as they're only Japanese...) and I've also never tried the 7509HD as they seem to be really rare. I own V6's, and I've heard V600's and did not like them. V7506 I never seen as the V6 is cheaper and earmarked as "identical" to the V7506 in sound.
So my question is, if my next set up headphones are going to be the "top of the V6" family, what headphones would I be looking into getting?
7506? CD900ST? Or 7509HD?
Keep in mind, the headphone must be able to be driven well, WITHOUT ANY AMP. It must be able to run off an iPhone and laptop audio set alone. 
Also, I want to keep the V6 sound signature, just improved. I used to think the CD900ST was "top of the V6 family", until I read a few reviews saying it was an entirely different sound.
So, what's the top of the V6 family, that mostly retains the V6 sound signature (just vastly improved), and can be driven off just a simple iPhone soundset or laptop set?
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Jul 24, 2012
Well, the 7506 is not really an upgrade from the V6s...  they are almost identical, so I would say it is more between the CD900ST and the MDR-7509s so can't say anything about the sound signatures, but what I have read, the CDT900ST has the same drivers as the 7506, where the 7509's have the larger 50mm drivers.

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