So... the Cube C30 (looks exactly the same as Hippo Gumstick? wth?)
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Mar 18, 2011
hey guys, yeah I've read the impression on the Cube C30...
nice review, and I've joined this site to enquire more about it.. I'm a Chinese myself and I simply do not trust Chinese electronics :x But maybe this might change my perspective on Chinese stuff... I'm curious, is the quality really that awesome? I live in Malaysia, and someone's selling it with an English Manual (which is pretty important to me as I don't read Chinese) for US$ 55. Including postage, I wonder if it's a fair deal?
Sorry I'm an idiot when it comes to MP3 players, back 3 years ago I've used Samsung YP U3 1GB and it died on me last year, and I've been using the K810i to listen to music... What's BBE EXACTLY FOR? I know it's EQ related... uhh... 
Please share your thoughts with me here! Thanks!

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