So Im going to teach myself guitar, anyone play here?
Apr 21, 2006 at 6:09 AM Post #46 of 47
okay Ill keep trying,

its strange its like I have to use a small portion of my ring finger to hold down a string for a chord to get it to position right, and my fingers are all at awkward positions. Totally feels unnatural.

I went to sam ash today, and saw an ibanez guitar, I held it and strummed it a bit, it had a warmer lusher sound and the body of the guitar was smaller and easier to handle.

I think it was called the ity10 or something.

The guy at sam ash told me it would be a nice beginner guitar and reviews online say its good aside from the frets wearing out quickly with some folk?

is it expensive to replace the frets in the guitar when needed? how would one go about doing this?
Apr 21, 2006 at 6:22 AM Post #47 of 47
let's put it this way. i have a VERY used guild F-30 from 1967 and it still doesn't need new frets
don't worry about those things for now.

the comfort thing will improve once you get your calluses. right now just make certain you are pushing down on the strings with the right part of your finger - there's no need to go to something like a classical guitar in order to get enough room for your fingers in there. Example? people being able to play the ukelele, hehe.

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