So if the Grado 125i and 225i use the same driver . . .
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Heard/owned the SR60,80,125,225, they all sound the same to me when using the same pads. 325 sounds different but it's the brightest/harshest.

For those who are put off by this, I have a few things to offer:

1. Yes, they are bright, but getting some hours on them removes a lot of the edge. Whether its ear burn-in or whatever, they are much easier to listen to at 30 hours and I look forward to hearing them at 50 hours.

2. Nothing else I've heard boasts this level of detail - nothing. And thats straight from my Sony X Series DAP. No amps, no external DAC, no expensive interconnects. Plug them into my CA integrated and it only gets better. Bass to die for and soundstage galore - whats not to like ?

3. Whatever you think of the audio press, they were unanimous in their praise for the 325. There has to be some grain of truth in that many positive reviews - the difference may be that they plugged them into kit that bought out their best and they took the time to get over the burn-in hump.

End of the day, none of this will sway those who dont like bright cans : I absolutely accept that, but I think these cans get an inordinate amount of criticism on Head-F*.
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Today was coincidentally the day I put bowls on my SR60i and compared them to my SR225i with bowls. I could barely tell the difference between them, which surprised me. I guess I must have bad ears. However, the SR325is I definitely heard a difference versus the SR225i, but ultimately did not think it was enough to justify the added weight, cold metal, and extra money. That may have been a mistake. I did not find them to be too bright.

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