So far my line out sadly sounds better than the Zhaolu D2.5A
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I switched back to line out from the Pioneer DV668 straight into my WA6 and actually noticed an improvement. The Zhaolu sounds a bit sluggish, while the Pioneer seems faster and also has better separation and a tad bit more bass.


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I did not like the sound of zhalou at all. My squeezebox 3 to woo 6 sounded so much better without it.

You've both expressed a preference for Burr-Brown DACs.

Both the Pioneer DV-668AV-S and the Squeezebox use them. That Pioneer appears to be equivalent to the U.S./Japan Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai (but possibly without the iLink). If that's the case, its internal DAC is quite good--very likely the Burr-Brown PCM1738 or one of its variations. It was BB's top-of-the-line DAC a few years ago.

The Squeezebox uses the Burr-Brown PCM1748, the same DAC used in most of Denon's standalone CD players.

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