Snow-Leopard, anyone?
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May 6, 2005
At risk of raising the hackles of the anti-mac (and anti-pc) brigades, I was wondering if anybody else had gone and got themselves Snow Leopard yet?

I have, and am pretty happy it's money well spent. Smaller footprint than Leopard, seems to run faster as well, plus a few cosmetic changes to remind you you've actually paid for something!

Anybody else with any impressions?
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I'm a bit hesitant to buy and install Snow Leopard after reading a few reviews. Most agree that the OS is both zippier and smaller in terms of space, but some warn that non-major, "hack-like" applications won't run without major updating. I don't think there's anyway of knowing ahead of time which applications will be compatible with Snow Leopard, and which I'll inevitably have to uninstall to await further updating.
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Day 2 and I still like it the only thing it broke on mine was istumbler it is snappier and my
mail seems to work better but it does run a few degrees warmer.
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Dont think it works with Hackintoshes yet

Else id be all over it
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I'm running it... they fixed most of my major interface gripes about 10.5. For example, they made stacks usable (by adding folders and scrollability) and allow me to specifically disable 3-finger pad gestures (three-fingers-downward is "page down", while 2-finger is scroll down. I sometimes accidentally touch the pad with three fingers all the time, forcing me to scroll back up the page) while leaving the useful 2 and 4-finger ones. Also, zippier sleep/shutdown/startup.
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I bought a Macbook pro today and got snow for free. I have NO IDEA what the differences are but I upgraded it since Snow Leopard was free...anyone know what cool things I should do with the mac? This is my first.
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cool....what is a good audio player? I really love foobar to do all my stuff like flac. Anything similar?
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Updated yesterday, and got myself 14GB back
General impressions are actually very good, except I had to restore because magnifique ****ed my MacBook up...woops. But generally it is quicker, everything just seems to flow more smoothly. It's definitely leaving me impressed
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Noticed Time Machine backups are a lot faster what ever it was doing before it is doing
in half the time now since it can not go faster do to my g limitation so people with newer
n notebooks should really see an improvement.

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