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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Takeanidea
    Whatever the technicalities of the A16 are and however long the wait is, this could well be an endgame solution for many of us . Given the logic that a top speaker system has the ability to outperform a top headphone and the Realiser will simulate a top speaker system to a convincing level then this amount of outlay will pay for itself once it eventually gets here.
  2. sander99
    I received the same indeed. Had not really noticed the 'update every 2 weeks' part before.
    Likewise for me, a little bit earlier actually. But I am not giving up. The last update was really reassuring to me, there is progress even if slower than planned. Eventually we will get there I think. And I had the demo so I know it is all worth it.
  3. Clive101
    Thank you for the information I thought for one moment silver was back on the option list.

    Now with the only silver option being the headstand I just wondered....

    Are most people going to hang their expensive headphones on the headstand model ...? As looking at the width of the stand would it not stretch the headphone band and hence make the headphones prone to slip off your head with a poor fit...?

    Not to mention the ear cups being squashed under pressure all the time...!
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  4. Got the Shakes
    Yup. Exactly the same email I got when paying for my preorder. Also in the same boat about the 180 days. I think mine is up either December 20th or the 26th. Not too worried about it, but it would be nice to have the piece of mind of PayPal protection should I need it.
  5. illram
    How much do folks here think I'm missing if I use a JBL LSR305 single speaker for my BRIR (or PRIR or whatever, can't keep all the acronyms straight, you guys know what I mean).

    My other option, short of paying for the Smyth folks to mind-meld me with something from the exchange, is a Polk Monitor 70. This is "what's lying around."
  6. SergioPOE
    I think it'll depend more on the characteristics of the room than the speaker itself. All else being equal, I don't see why there would be any difference between turning your body to simulate the 5 or 7 speakers and actually having 5 or 7 speakers. It might even work better because the rear speakers will probably be further away from you than in a real setup.
    Me, I'm gonna do the one-speaker setup first, just to get the method down (and who knows, maybe even get a decent HRTF) and then I'll go sample my local hi-fi store, where they said I could do it too, as long as I go in off-peak hours.
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  7. jgazal
  8. J.Villain
    The bottom end of the speaker doesn't matter much because the realiser can pass the .1 in completely unmodified as low notes aren't as directional. That also helps with your room as it is usually the low notes that are the hardest to get rid off in a room. As for the rest of the speaker I am not familiar with those models but if you ring them out with some thing like Yamahas YPAO or some thing similar that should make them at least reasonable. Between the realiser and the sound exchange you should be able to tune both the frequency response and the liveliness of the room. At a bare minimum it should give you enough to start be able to listen to 3D sound through your head phones and be able to start testing some BRIRs.

    I will likely end up creating an Atmos set up by mounting a bookshelf speaker to a light stand and moving it around the room until I am able to go some where to get a really great one done.
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  9. illram
    Thanks. I'm curious because the JBL's are on sale for a silly low price right now ($99) and they're pretty well regarded for cheap but very accurate sounding speakers. It's always been my plan to do the one speaker method, and move my ears/tilt my head in relation to the speaker, but it's unclear to me how much the quality or signature of the speaker, for better or worse, is also "simulated." E.g. if a bass heavy headphone is used is that going to go out the window if I do a PRIR with neutral sounding speakers like the JBL's. Or conversely if I use my Polk Monitors will my HD800S nonetheless sound sort of boomy and unresolving....

    I think that since they offer the option to "merge" your measurement with a BRIR on the Exchange, the quality of the speaker matters, but I am not positive. I also emailed James Smyth, we will see what he says.
  10. sander99
    If you use the measured PRIR and HPEQ without any further tweaking it would indeed sound as neutral as the JBL's. Stil there could be some advantage to bass heavy headphones in this case: maybe you can play louder because those headphones can handle the attenuated bass with great ease.
    You can use the direct-bass option to extend the frequency range of the virtual JBL's in the low range. J. Villain in fact was already referring to this but I will elaborate some more.
    (I don't know if you can manually change the HPEQ with the A16, but maybe there are other ways to do EQ.)
    You could also try what happens if you don't use the HPEQ. (I am not sure it is possible to simply select no HPEQ to be used with the A16, but if not I can think of ways to create a dummy HPEQ that does nothing). The sound (colour) signature of the headphones would be added to that of the speakers, but it could sound alright, I don't think it would degrade the localization. Maybe A8 owners on this thread can tell from experience? Erik Garci?
    Again, with measured PRIR and HPEQ without further tweaking it would sound the same as your Polks in your room, but with the direct bass option you can improve the bass.
    By the way: in the document 'A16 UI overview.pdf' that was provided or mentioned in the last update, in one of the screen shots was an option 'Calibrate Speakers (CAL) >', I wonder might there be an auto eq procedure for the speakers after all? Or would this be only for level and delay?
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  11. Erik Garci
    The A8 lets you use a PRIR without an HPEQ. First you erase the preset, then you load the PRIR. Localization does not seem to be degraded.
  12. Fox1977
    Looks like the french reseller of the A16 received one of the 25 first units already !
    He posted a first picture of the remote on his Facebook page . We can see the two separate volume control for each headphones.
    He will add more pictures of the A16 on sunday.

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  13. iAudio365
    I’m seriously considering one of these, been tossing the idea around for ages and have been using dolby atmos for headphones on my windows 10 pc for gaming at the monent through my utopia headphones which sounds incredible (i do listen to a lot of music as well haha).

    Anyway, I guess my concern is being a kickstarter project and we’ve all seen the failures, how likely is it that this realiser a16 actually happens? After you make your final payment it says no refunds, now being this is done through paypal and if on the chance it doesnt end up happening or something goes sideways how would you get your money back?

    Prett sure paypal sets the terms so they could just claim agaisnt them for not fullfilling the order etc, but what about the legal side where the website states no refunds after final payment?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  14. Fox1977
    The A16 is not just a Kickstarter project... The A8 has been on the market for something like 10 years and is used by many professionals. If you read the message i posted just before yours, you can see that the french reseller already received a unit. Besides, many of us got a full demo of it, so the device is real and production is going fine. The first shipment will very likely happen in a couple of months. Until recently, the shipping date seemed very unclear, but now it's becoming very real...
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