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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. J.Villain
    In the email they sent me in May they were offering the rack mount in silver or black. I actually think it looks better in silver. But every thing in my rack is black.

  2. J.Villain
    On the kick starter page is this.

    "Or you can connect to our Realiser Exchange website and download a range of high quality sound rooms to use in your Realiser. Even downloadable sound rooms can be personalised using a technology just recently developed by Smyth Research."

    There is of course a bunch of info on the exchange site over here.

    Has any one heard any info on this that didn't come from the kickstarter page or the Smyth site? On the one hand I am dubious as to how good it could be, but on the other hand Smyth doesn't have a habit of over promising. Over the years they have amassed a pretty decent collection of PRIRs they could analyse so it is certainly possible that they have made a break through. I live in a city that does a fair bit of recording and post work so I am sure I will get at least one PRIR done in a decent facility but I am still curious about what they have cooked up.
  3. stevez176
    Check the pictures out here: https://www.facebook.com/SmythResearch/
  4. Sanctuary
    In case anyone was wondering, the 2U (rack mount) version currently doesn't have any vents for cooling. They aren't sure that it will need any due to its already larger size compared to the headphone stand version, but if they find out that it needs any cooling, the vents will be placed at the back. It's actually also at a more advanced stage in development than the headphone stand version too, even though it's not the one they've been promoting the hardest. The final dimensions for it are 436mm wide without the mounts and 483 with, 177mm deep and 88mm high.

    The backlight (front panel) can be programmed to dim or shut off completely. I assumed that would be the case, but I ended up asking anyway just to make sure that I wouldn't need to do a really cheap (and cheap looking) modificiation.

    Already saw the silkscreens when they were first posted, and I saw what the units look like from the link in a more recent post, but thanks.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  5. Got the Shakes
    So I'm torn. I'm putting my order in next week to take advantage of the preorder price and I thought I wanted the headphone stand version. I'm starting to wonder if I should opt for the 2U instead though. Does the 2U have feet on it so it could sit on a shelf just fine? I'm thinking if I went the 2U route that I could just place it with my game consoles, Blu-Ray player, and PC on a shelf in my entertainment center. If I went the headphone stand option it would sit on a desk next to all of my entertainment stuff. I also wonder if the 2U has less of a chance of a shipping delay vs the headphone stand version if they are further along in development of the 2U?
  6. dsperber
    I can't speak from real knowledge about the 2U A16, but the A8 also had no vent openings. It just doesn't get that hot.

    On the A8 which was all metal, both the top and bottom were "alternating metal ribs/indentations, with the "ribs" running from front to rear. On the underside, there are not four "feet pads", but rather the outermost rib (running front to rear) being made of rubber instead of metal. So it's not four circular padded feet, but rather two long rubber "ribs" which raise the unit slightly above the tabletop below. Having the unit raised slightly above the tabletop allows a small amount of air to ventilate it from underneath.

    I have one of my A8's further elevated by placing four empty DAT tape cartridge cases under each corner. The other one I have just sitting on top of a wood shelf, elevated only slightly by the two aforementioned rubber ribs on the underside. Again, the A8 simply does not get hot enough to even seriously care about any extraordinary ventilation.

    Can't really tell from the Kickstarter page photos of the 2U whether or not there is any similar type of rubber feet or pad or rib on the underside, although it doesn't really look like it to me. Worst case, I could still use some more empty DAT tape cases to be its "feet".
  7. Sanctuary
    While the A8 might not have any legs, they've said more than once that the option for rack mounts and legs will be available for the A16 on followup emails. I even have an email of my own that says legs will be made available for those that want them, although it's rather vague. I don't know if that option will be included in the initial purchase or if "made available" means at an additional cost.

    Also, while they are very stubby, the earlier concept design looks like feet, rather than ribs, but I suppose it really could be either.


    Scroll midway down.

    edit: Using empty tape cases is one way, but another is to simply buy some cheap furniture coasters/sliders if you want a slightly stronger solution.

    I specifically asked too if either version was ahead in terms of form factor and if that would influence any kind of delay for shipping (i.e. they already have some cases prebuilt and ready to assemble) or if each unit would be made as ordered instead, but didn't get a response to that.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  8. Got the Shakes
    Thanks, I found the mock up photo you were talking about. Since I'm planning on placing my order next week, I have a bit of time to figure it out. I guess the 2U is actually more versatile since I could place it on a desk of I chose to or place it in an entertainment center/underneath a tv stand. It probably makes the most sense to go that route even though I actually like the unique look of the headphone stand version.
  9. J.Villain
    You can buy peel back stick on rubber feet at pretty well any hardware store for a couple of bucks.
  10. Sanctuary
    Yeah. I knew rubber feet would also probably be an option, but I was thinking more of the type that screw on. Stick on feet would probably be the easiest and best solution if for whatever reason the feet that are supposed to be for the 2U are to be sold seperately at a rather high price.
    The only thing I have left to figure out now is what to do about headphone extension size and placement. There's no way that I'm going to be having multiple cables running across the floor from the stand to where people are sitting, and I can't run them under the carpet either. Right now I am using a 25ft extention that goes behind my couch and along the wall that connects to my PC's (to the side of the TV near the floor) headphone jack, but for where I want to place the 2U, I'd need an additional 5-10ft. I'm not quite sure how long is "too long" in terms of headphone cables either. That's just for company though. I'll most likely be using my HD800s with the unit, and also using an external amp, so that's another fifteen feet of RCA cables to have to worry about.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  11. Got the Shakes
    What I am really surprised about, and didn't realize until last night when I was reading this thread is that the 2U version isn't nearly as deep as I would have expected. One of the reasons I thought I was going to opt for the headphone stand model was I had assumed that the 2U had the same type of footprint as a Blu-Ray player or DVR, but it's actually a little less than 7" deep. That makes it much more reasonable for a desktop setup should I decide to go that route than I had originally thought.
  12. Sanctuary
    Just paid the deposit for mine. Now all that's left is the follow-up emails to pick which model and pay off the balance. Oh, and waiting for it to be released hopefully before the end of the year. :)

    edit: So I guess they sent two follow-ups early this morning, and I'm glad that I checked the junk folder. Anyway, one of the questions was: "Will you be using your reward at work or at home?".

    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
  13. J.Villain
    There was a new post a couple of days ago on the kickstarter page about open slots at Can Jam London. People in the area looking for a PRIR should sign up if they can make it. It might not be as good as a mega buck studio PRIR but if they have a 7.1.4 setup again that is something hard to find. I'm not sure they will have that but you can ask.
  14. costas23
    I had the chance to get a PRIR done by Mr. Smyth himself at the munich high end some weeks ago. It was a spectacular demonstration. (I thought) I knew what to expect and went there with high expectations, as I am a kickstarter backer, saw the reaction videos and read lots about it and so on. But I still was shocked at how good that simulation was.

    I was sitting there in the sweet spot of the yamaha 7.1.4 setup and Mr. Smyth was running some tests. I had the headphones on my head thinking it was still the speakers playing, waiting for the demonstration to finally begin. After some time Mr. Smyth asked me what I think of the simulation.... THAT was the moment where my jaw just dropped, as I realised that the realiser was already in action for the whole time :)
    Then I started looking around testing the head-tracker and enjoying the show, putting the headphones up and down to compare the speakers with the headphones. It was even better as I ever expected it to be. Seriously, the realiser is a revolution in the audio-video market, no less. It is just unbelievable that I can have a full blown up speaker system for the price of the realiser. I can watch my blockbuster movies in 7-channel-audio while my kids and wife are sleeping. And the thing becomes even more interesting with the "Realiser Exchange", where people can share their PRIRs and BRIRs and so on. This thing will bring enjoyment for years to come :)

    I even read somewhere that it is also possible to simulate other headphones (not only speakers) and hear for example a Grado PS1000 with a HD800. I think that is a killer feature many people oversee. I am a headphone fan and own a HD800, but sometimes I get to listen to another great headphone on a meet with a very different signature. With the realiser I can get the sound of all those nice headphones home with me, as I could with speaker setups. I won't go to head-fi meets without the realiser anymore :)

    To cut a long story short, as the guy above suggested, people should really go to Can Jam London and sign up for a demonstration slot, don't miss the chance :wink:

    btw. a question to the guys who know how the realiser works:
    I watch movies played through the pc which is connected (via HDMI or sometimes via chromecast) to my TV for the bigger screen-size.
    I guess that would also work with the realiser, right? How would my connections look like with the realiser in between?

    Would I connect the HDMI cable going out from the pc first to the realiser and from there another HDMI cable to the TV screen? How would it work with a chromecast?

    thanks in advance for your replies
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  15. J.Villain
    The A-16 looks like it works like a normal receiver in that it has multiple HDMI inputs and an HDMI out. So I believe you can just plug the chromecast into one of the HDMI ports on the realizer.
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