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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Fox1977
    Shame on me !! For my defense, it was nearly 1am but yes, i'm so eager to get my unit that my brain is faking the calculation results to make me think it's gonna come faster :sweat_smile:
    Regarding @dsperber 's question about Atmos on Netflix, it's very complicated. I have a NVidia SHIELD, i can get 4K HDR but no Atmos. My computer can receive Atmos but cannot get 4K HDR because i should have a more recent processor or the right graphic card (even though my computer can read 4K MKV files). Apple TV can read Netflix in 4K HDR and Atmos, but it cannot read Atmos on Kodi to play MKV files...
    It's crazy, but the conclusion is that the simplest way is to download illegally Netflix programs and then there is no problem to get Atmos and 4K HDR on my NVidia SHIELD... I don't understand why Netflix poses so many problems to Android boxes to propose the best features possible... It doesn't prevents piracy (despite that, new programs are found online the very day of their release in 4K HDR Atmos), on the contrary, it encourages piracy i think... I pay my monthly subscription but if i want to get the best quality, i will have to download the illegal version, that's insane...
  2. phoenixdogfan
    Well great, big silly me. Im currently using the desk top Windows app on my PC to stream Netflix from my fourth generation HP Pavillion I7 which is running Windows 10 Pro. Can I receive and pass 16 channel Dolby Atmos via my HDMI port with this setup. If not, is there a Roku device which will work for this? Do I need a newer PC to do this on Windows with the desktop app ? Is there anything I can download from Windows which will enable me to use my current Windows box to do this? I just kind of assumed I am good to go, but maybe not? Anyon know? Anyone know how I can find out?
  3. sm0rf
    If I'm not completely wrong Netflix is the only VOD service that offering Dolby Atmos sound with 1080p material otherwise you will need 4k devices for Amazon Prime or Vudu...

    You need to install Dolby Access for Atmos output on the HDMI port in Win 10.
  4. Richter Di
  5. Rene Lou
    I have installed F/W version 1.75, APM, HT and FPGA are the same as yours. Just did some tests with a Linn Akurate DS streamer as source, connected by S/PDIF coax to the A16:
    • 44.1kHz (16bit) and 48kHz (24bit) are working without any problem
    • 88kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz (all 24bit) are not working: with these sampling frequencies there is some strange sound with repetitive short quite parts (partial of a second)
  6. Richter Di
    First of all thank you!!! It is good to finally hear that I am not alone with my issue.
    Secondly, I wonder why amazon Music HD does not work with my FiiO and the A16. Normal HD should only be 48 and 24 bit.
    Do you have Amazon Music HD?
  7. Rene Lou
    No, just my personal music library with several high-res files. I have owned so many CDs, several DVDs and SACDs and digitized some of my vinyl recordings as well.
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  8. Rene Lou
    I tilt my head so that the front stereo speakers are virtually approx.
    • 45 degrees upwards in front of me (.tf; sitting on the couch, but looking downwards towards my feet)
    • 90 degrees above me (.tm; tilting the head even more to a horizontal position, eg: looking straight to the floor, nose pointing to the floor) and
    • 45 degrees up but behind of me (.tr; most difficult to do, kneeing on the couch and looking below the couch ("maybe there is a funny monster under the couch...").
    Head rotation (when looking left and looking right) is always the same, as if you would shake your head when saying no.

    Just try to position your head in a way that the stereo speakers are in the relative same position as if the speakers would be top front, top middle or top rear speakers.

    For the over head speakers I did not use the head tracker with the head-band nor the A16 display. I did the 30 degree looking to the left and 30 degree looking to the right approximately. For me, head tracking for overheads is not so important since I look straight forward when looking a movie anyway and there is seldom much directive sound coming from the overheads.

    And no, at the moment (with F/W release 1.75) I create a single 9.1.6ch PRIR file as I have described in this post: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/smyth-research-realiser-a16.807459/page-488#post-15313315
    But thanks to the flexibility of the A16, there are multiple ways you can create a virtual speaker system - multiple 2-channel PRIR files is another option of course. I personally prefer a single 9.1.6ch file.
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  9. Phil86OSU
    Hi, looong time lurker, first time poster here. I pre-ordered (not kickstarter) on 12/31/2016 under the impression Smyth would start shipping around 5/2017...clearly that didn't happen. Originally I ordered it because I was living in a very small apartment but have recently bought a house. I could certainly still use this unit for music production, but it'll be a stretch to move it around my house for movie watching.

    This puts me in a situation where I really won't use it as much as I would have over the previous few years. I wanted to get a feel for what the value of selling my place in line would be. No guarantees of selling. I also do not expect to get $4k for this place in the queue. I really have no idea how long this will take to receive the a16, but they're clearly making progress. Shoot me a message and we can chat. I really feel disappointed writing this post, but given my expenses with a new house and the reduced value the a16 will provide me, I'd like to see what my options are at this point.

    1 2U a16
    2 head trackers
    I'm sure Smyth would modify the order to fit your needs though.


    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  10. Chillzone21
    So how does the A16 compare to the A8, worth the jump?
  11. esimms86
    A Kickstarter backer identifying himself as "Randy Smith" previously posted the following in the Kickstarter Comments section:

    "I have been receiving updates lately from Kickstarter. I had not logged into my Kickstarter account since I pledged well over three years ago, just been reading updates and getting on with life. I just looked at my pledge and apparently I am #345.

    I am sure I was in under the 330 number when pledged in 2016, how did I get bumped ?

    At this rate I might receive mine in 2020 or not at all. I can't understand how this company will be able to ship any new orders if it takes years... I guess if you are 35 years old you still have good ears, one could wait and still enjoy the technology. I am 63 and had been counting on this tech for my research. It is possible other technology will fill the void and cost less by the time this reaches my number. Audeze just released their HRTF app, Waves with their Studio 3. These are limited in their ability however they are moving forward much quicker...."

    Someone identifying himself as "Ralf" then posted the following today on Kickstarter:

    "My backer number is 356. They did not bump you, or me. Instead of reusing backer numbers for pledges that were canceled, they just kept counting. IOW, there are gaps in the sequence of backer numbers."

    This means that, if your Kickstarter backer number is 330 or less, then there are at least 26 empty spaces(cancelled orders) ahead of you in the queue. Of course, some of these empty spaces may already have been bypassed. Still, put another way, this means that there is a good possibility that many of us still waiting will not be waiting for quite as long as we anticipate. For the record, as I type this, the unit for #111 has already been received and backer #119 has already received their pre-shipping confirmation email. I am backer #174.

    Of note, the absolute highest backer number in the queue appears at this time to be known only to Smyth Research.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  12. VandyMan
    Backer #111 received his or her unit on 11-22. Seems like they have fallen behind their ten-per-week pace. I'm 131. Nothing yet. Hopefully next week...
  13. esimms86
    Nobody really knows what number they're currently at, as all of our information is limited to the people who choose to post online. All I can say for sure is that they're at least up to #119 and not up to #131(assuming that they haven't contacted people out of sequence, which they have done at least once in the past). The way I see it, it's very hopeful that you will see yours in 2019. Right now I'd personally be thrilled to be #131.

    As Tim Curry sang in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Antici----pation."
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  14. VandyMan
    lol. For close to three years I've been pretty blasé about this, but now I'm checking my email every 30 minutes and going a bit nuts. :)
  15. AppleheadMay
    How many backers are there before they start pre-orders?
    Are there pre-order numbers? I can't find any, all I have is payment requests and confirmations.
    My order is from 09/10/2016.
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