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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. esimms86
    KS Backer #116 received his/her notice on November 25th so, hopefully, we should be in the low 120’s by now, especially seeing as Thanksgiving is a US holiday that shouldn’t affect Smyth Research in the UK. At approximately 9-10 people receiving their notice every week, I am very hopeful that I may receive my A16 before the end of January.
  2. Fox1977
    I'm #203, i'm expecting to get my in february, earlier would be a great surprise...
  3. phoenixdogfan
    If all goes right, I should be watching and listening in 16 channels over headphones to "The Irishman" on Netflix sometime this weekend or early next week at the latest.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  4. Richter Di
    My guess is 10 units per week. Deduct Christmas and New Year, this means 20 - 30 in December, 30 in January, 40 in February.
    So March is more realistic.
  5. Fox1977
    #119 got the shipping adress confirmation email. I'm #203, so that's 74 left to go. If 25 in December + 30 in January, then by the beginning of February, there'd only 20 left to send to reach my number. If the pace is 10 per week, that would make it by mid-february. I keep my fingers crossed...
  6. sander99
    You made a small calculation error I fear: 203 - 119 = 84, but ok that would only be one week later.
  7. Richter Di
    Me too. More A16 owners mean more opinions and possibilities to discuss. That makes it easier for us all.
    Maybe even issues like SPDIF Coax only being 44.1, at least with my FiiO M11, could be clarified.
  8. Eich1eeF
    BTW, have you tried 48khz and 88.1kHz, i.e. maybe only multiples of 44.1kHz work?
  9. Richter Di
    Everything I tried did not work.
  10. dsperber
    I know this is a bit off-topic, but I'd like to know what your equipment/cabling arrangement is that will be providing 16 channel Dolby Atmos to you via Netflix?

    Assumed that "The Irishman" (or anything else) is available from Netflix in Dolby Atmos. Is it required that your stream the 4K version of the movie in order to get Dolby Atmos audio, or can you receive the 1080p version of the movie and still receive Dolby Atmos audio? Is there a special "Atmos" logo on the Netflix film description somewhere so that I would know it at least should be received at my end if I play it?

    Isn't Dolby Atmos delivered via Dolby Digital+ for streaming? So if I check for the audio being received, shouldn't I see DD+? True HD version of Dolby Atmos is only available from BluRay discs, right?

    I am using the Netflix app on my Roku Ultra, which feeds the HDMI input of my Oppo UDP-203, which feeds my A16. The information displayed on the Netflix info shows HDR and 5.1. Not the audio I'm looking for. Of course my TV at this location with the A16 is a Panny 65VT50, which is not a 4K TV. So even if I search for "4K" and pick "The Irishman" from that list, it still shows HDR and 5.1, if it is the non-4K TV which is the culprit.

    In contrast, if I go to my LG OLED C7, and go to the Netflix app on the LG, sure enough the film info presented shows 4K Dolby Vision and the audio logo shows as Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, both the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos indicators on the LG screen (white characters in the upper-right corner of the screen for about 5 seconds) light up. On the other hand, if I instead go to the Netflix app on second Roku Ultra I have which is part of this LG OLED location (with my HDMI A8 which of course does not support Dolby Atmos), once again the film info shows HDR and 5.1. And this Roku is connected to a 4K TV.

    This suggests that Netflix does not provided Dolby Atmos through Roku Ultra, while it does provide Dolby Atmos through the LG OLED TV. It is known that Roku Ultra does not support Dolby Vision which is why I would use the Netflix app on the LG TV if I wanted best picture, but I don't believe I can pass Dolby Atmos audio out of the LG TV via ARC (even if I did have my A16 at this location). I don't know what would get passed from the TV to the Oppo via ARC (for feeding to my A8 in LPCM) if I actually played "The Irishman" in 4K DV+DA using the TV's Netflix app, given that 9.1.6 DA can't be handled by current ARC. Maybe plain DD5.1? I'll have to try this.

    Now I've read that Apple 4K TV streamer doesn't have this problem, and that it does have an agreement with Netflix to provide Dolby Atmos. In other words if I replace the Roku Ultra at my A16 location with an Apple 4K TV (still going through the HDMI input of the Oppo), and also replace my Panny 65VT50 with a new 4K TV (like an LG OLED C9), that I now should be able to receive 4K Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos from the Apple 4K TV, through the 203, and out to the A16 for Dolby Atmos audio. Note that the Oppo 203 has a separate HDMI input selection for "bypass", in order to pass-through external HDMI source in Dolby Vision out to the TV without any processing in the Oppo.

    I think this holiday season will see my Panny 65VT50 (circa 2013) get replaced with a new 4K OLED, to complete the A16 implementation. I will also have to look into the Apple 4K TV, although I am a until now strictly 100% non-Apple guy in all of my electronics choices.
  11. Lamerhouse

    if netflix intercepts hardware, enabled to use ATMOS appears icon as in the image, ONLY account PREMIUM is enable
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  12. dsperber
    Yes, it's now apparent that the Netflix app on different devices is licensed for different capabilities.

    I've just placed an order for a 32GB (will be fine for me) Apple 4K TV streamer. It will be here Friday to replace my Roku Ultra. I will then be able to prove (or disprove) my expectation that I should now be able to stream Dolby Atmos audio from Netflix, still with 1080p video (not Dolby Vision yet).

    Over the next 4 weeks I'm sure I will be buying a new 4K LG OLED TV to replace my fabulous Panny plasma. It's given me 6 good years of fantastic picture, ISF calibrated twice by D-Nice. Time to move on to 4K, I guess, to match my A16's audio.
  13. Got the Shakes
    Just to save you a headache when your Apple TV arrives, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to do to ensure Atmos works in Netflix. First in the sound settings menu of the Apple TV you have to go in and enable Atmos. It will be in the same menu where you select if you want Dolby Digital or LPCM (I believe they call the setting immersive sound)

    Second, there’s currently a bug in the Netflix app where it won’t show anything as Atmos enabled (it will have a 5.1 surround label for all content) until you actually play an Atmos enabled show or movie. To fix this, just play The Irishman for enough time for the Atmos logo to pop up on the A16. Now every Atmos enabled movie and tv show should properly show in the Netflix app whether it has an Atmos track.
  14. dsperber
    Many thanks for the tips. I'm sure I would have been scratching my head, first time in.

    As I said, I am intentionally a 100% non-Apple person in my computer, music, TV, electronics, etc. life (e.g. I wouldn't know how to power on an iPhone). I am absolutely and totally 100% illiterate when it comes to anything Apple related. And proud of it! When I was shopping for a portable music player about 10 years ago I actively participated in the "anythingbutipod.com" Forum site (which no longer exists, as interest in portable music players has largely disappeared as phones and streaming music have become very effective substitutes). I ended up buying a Cowon J3 (which I STILL have and STILL USE in my car, on plane trips, etc.) for many reasons which I won't go into. I only say IT SOUNDS FABULOUS, plays FLAC, has a super-AMOLED screen like today's phones, runs with a wonderful user-coded replacement GUI (something that couldn't be done on an iPod), etc.

    So, this will be my very first purchase of an Apple product. And I'm very interested to see how my longheld bias against the company, its products, its marketing strategy, etc., will hold up when one its toys is in my hands. We shall see.

    Thanks again.
  15. sander99
    Is @Richter Di the only one who can not get the A16 spdif input working with other sampling rates than 44.1 kHz?

    Can anyone else who doesn't have it working please respond? Which firmware version do you have?
    Can anyone who had or has it working now please respond? Which sampling rates? Which firmware version do you have? (Maybe did it stop working after a firmware update?)
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