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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Grue
    I need to power up A16 and make sure profiles are active before starting my computer to make dolby atmos selectable to hdmi output. If I start my computer first and then A16, I cannot for some reason make that selection.
  2. sander99
    Question: Did anyone with an A16 already try to get 2 channel SVS processed audio - intended for headphones - through the (A16 rearpanel) USB connection into a pc?
    (That way it would be easy to record the output with a pc.)
  3. J.Villain
    Can you confirm that they are using the height channels when the battle cruser goes over head in the opening sequence of episode IV? The Holy Grail of movie listening for me would be watching Star Wars using a Skywalker Ranch BRIR.
  4. audiohobbit
    I updated the thread in my link.
    Divided it into issues solved, features added, and Q&A (with Stephen Smyth).

    Referring to this post: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/smy...equests-tips-and-tricks.915293/#post-15300148

    Read the last Q and A I put up.
    It is as I thought: You can name as much users/headphones etc. as you like, only 4 (headphones) or 8 (users) at the same time, but this is not necessary. You enter a headphone name, make an HPEQ for this HP and then enter another name and overwrite the previous one and so on.
    The saved HPEQs will have the name you entered. The Realiser is NOT limited to 4 headphones as you think.

    This is just for a little more convenience for naming PRIRs and HPEQs.
    With the A8 you had to enter the name EVERY single time you made a PRIR or HPEQ.
    With the A16 you can choose this from a list. So you have to enter your name only once and can select it afterwards when creating PRIRs and HPEQs (and presets), you don't have to enter your name every single time.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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  5. kh36267
    I decided to watch things in chronological order (in the Star Wars timeline) so started with Phantom Menace and now on Attack of the Clones. I can confirm, however, that there were several scenes which employed the height channels.....especially in some of the outer space battle sequences....
    Crossing my fingers that by the time I get to episode IV I witness the opening sequence you described :)
  6. Dixter
    Use the force Luke....
  7. dsperber
    Looks like the velcro tape solution is PERFECT. Haven't had a chance to put the HP on my head yet and watch something, but it feels quite secure and stable and stationary.

    For others who might want to do the same thing, this is the 25' roll of 1/2" double-sided velcro "tape" that I bought. Looks like this in real life:


    You can cut a strip of any length and then wrap it around anything you want, and either side of the velcro sticks to the other side. No adhesive, just hook-and-eye velcro. I used strips of about 6" which was about right to wrap around the width of the Stax plastic headband, right over the #4 Smyth clip (with no more tension left between the "jaws") still pressed against the edge of the headband and holding the HT cable exactly as before. But now each clip/cable is held tightly in place by the velcro tape wrapped around it.



    The velcro tape strips weigh nothing, and there is zero adhesive involved that might do damage over the long term as would be the case using some kind of actual painter's tape.

    It is easy to really wrap these strips tightly because the plastic headband is solid. It might be more challenging and probably a bit less effective to use the same approach along the full length of the HT cable plus extension HT cable which is currently clipped using ten Smyth #5 and five Smyth #4. But since the Stax flat ribbon cable (to which the Smyth clips attach) is very different than the unyielding Stax plastic headband, maybe just the Smyth clips will be sufficient.

    We shall see if the long HP/HT cable held together only with clips is physically sufficient to meet everyday needs, before trying the velcro tape enhancement.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  8. mrmac
    I think this IS important and I'm surprised that it wasn't already implemented let alone discussed here. Surely the pro market needs to mix at some reference volume. However it will be very interesting to hear from the Smyth’s why they abandoned it. Maybe it didn’t work? Maybe there is to many variables to reach an exact reference. Worth asking about.

    I use the Buttkicker Advanced. I have two but currently only use one. Back a number of years (before kids) I had a very involved system using both digital equaliser (Behringer FBQ2496) and compression gates (Behringer MDX2600) to incorporate tactile in a way that worked very well. So yes, the more adjustments (eq, adjustable cut-offs etc) that can be added (if possible) would be much needed. I like the tactile to only be felt when there is some incredibly deep bass. Not all the time, hence the need for a much lower cutoff.

    Also, is there anyone using subwoofer and headphones at the same time? Do you use the tactile output for the sub?

    Yes, but how will this effect tactile outputs? Full volume? Ideally it would alow the A volume to keep control for the tactile output, and your external DAC/amp for the volume for the headphones.

    I know, but this is such a convoluted and messy way to have to build up whole presets just for different inputs and different upmixes...

    No I didn't get it wrong. I know what those outputs are for. But they will only be used for crazy unusual scenarios when you have multiple A16 working together in some 32 channel scenario. For us mere mortals it's never gonna be used. Maybe if we are lucky, those outputs can output a trigger voltage and hence be used for that. Worth asking for.

    What about Dirac live? That would make all my dreams come true...
  9. Eich1eeF
    Shouldn't that be essentially automatic if you record the PRIR at the reference level of a mixing stage and play back at the "correct" volume setting with a proper HPEQ for your headphones? One would just have to figure out the required settings, and that won't work if the A16 does some automatic level setting to normalize the PRIR.

    I also hope the apm-89l does have enough spare cycles for dirac, and that the Smyths find the time to implement it one day...
  10. audiohobbit
    Are you willing to pay let's say a 1000 € extra for Dirac live?
  11. J.Villain
    When you mix you use the level meters in the interface of the software you are using. When I mix video I use Davinci Resolve and use the meters from the output section of Fairlight. In the old analogue days it worked the same way. You use the meters on the mixer and never touch the amps. What matters isn't the levels you are sending out, it is the levels that you are delivering.
  12. Indisch
    Hi everyone,

    it’s really nice to see you guys figuring out the A16 and that you seem to be making progress. This will be a good preparation for the most of us. So thanks a lot.

    I am thinking about paying the difference to receive my Realiser before Christmas as I preordered and it would take another year or so to get mine at this rate. I was hoping someone could answer me a few questions to help me with the decision. I will be using the A16 mostly with my ps4 for gaming and movies. My questions are as follows:
    1. in a previous post somebody mentioned having a high latency with his gaming console. Is this still the case and was just the audio delayed or the video too so that one has a higher input lag.
    2. How is the detail of the audio? With the creative Sfxi I noticed that some detail is lost and I don’t hear footsteps as well anymore.
    3. is the upmixer working yet? Most games and movies/shows I have only have 5.1 sometimes 7.1. I would like to upmix them to Atmos. If this is possible, how is the quality?
    4. Is it worth paying the full price?
    Any help or advice to help with my decision would be much appreciated.
  13. Eich1eeF
    Just for the Dirac license? Maybe 300 EUR. For 1000 EUR, i'd expect an all digital AES/EBU 16 channel in/out board to be included in the bundle. With those features, the A16 could compete with > 10000 EUR AV Processors.
  14. blubliss Contributor
    I figured out what is locking up my unit. The screen locks up any time I use the volume up/down on remote. Not good. Sounds still works, as does power button on remote, but nothing else.

    This is firmware 1.76. I guess I will email Smyth.

    Edit: All working again after a firmware re-flash. I was told 1.76. and 1.75 are the same, I have 1.75 now.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  15. phoenixdogfan
    I have DL on my PC. Didn't cost 1,000 EUR which is about $1,150 USD. It cost $425 USD. I expect it could be added to the Realiser for a comparable ammount. That is, of course, unless were talking a 16 channel version. But I think the multi-channel is currently limited to 7.1 channels.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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